My Lean Bulking Diet | 4000 CALORIES

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12 thoughts on “My Lean Bulking Diet | 4000 CALORIES

  1. ida_maya _omg says:

    I subscribed to you last week and I am just in love with yor videos. You just make my day so much better with all the amazing content you post so thank you so much that and I wish you all the ebst and good luck with everything.

  2. Jerry Shield - Wholesaler's REI Vlog says:

    Hi lad. Can you do one for cutting next?

    –1600 – 1800 calories per day–

  3. Hunter x yt says:

    what a considence i was thinking of your video and i saw your 5 min chest video then i was thinking he has no posted video after 10 minute you posted video

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