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Underhand Grip Barbell Rows – 5 total sets (Not including warm-up)
Set 1 (15-20 reps)
Set 2 (12-15 reps)
Set 3 (6-8 reps)
Set 4 (10-15 reps)
Set 5 (10-15 reps)
Pulls Ups – 10 sets until failure
Hammer Curls – 4×15-20 reps
Barbell Curls – 4×10-12 reps
Reverse Grip Curls – 4×12 reps

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By Chris Wright

Chris has spent many years working and teaching in the IT field. He enjoys spending time outdoors and learning about new topics. He likes playing golf, spending time at the beach and working on classic cars and woodworking projects.