20 Min KILLER Arm and Shoulder Workout | Dumbbell Arm Workout

This arm and shoulder workout with dumbbells will help you build strength and muscle mass and will help with toning your biceps, triceps and shoulders. With 20 minutes of nothing but shoulder, bicep and tricep exercises to increase your endurance and arm strength, this workout will give your arms and shoulders the pump they need!

I'm using SMRTFT 5-80lb adjustable dumbbells (GAME CHANGER!) Available at https://bit.ly/3evYP7M


👉🏼 Duration: 30 Minutes
👉🏼 Equipment: One set of dumbbells (I'm using 25lb / 11kg dumbbells), and a mat.
► Get the adjustable dumbbells I'm using at: https://bit.ly/3evYP7M
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👉🏼 Timing: 40 Seconds Work, 20 Seconds Rest
👉🏼 Level: Medium

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The exercises for this arm and shoulder workout at home are listed below:

0:20 – Shoulder Press R
1:20 – Shoulder Press L
2:20 – Arnold Press
3:20 – 90° Lateral Raises
4:20 – Alternating Front Raises
5:20 – Hammer Press
6:20 – Upright Row
7:20 – Rear Delt Flyes
8:20 – Alternating Palms Up Rotate Curls
9:20 – Overhead Extension
10:20 – Alternating Cross Body Curls
11:20 – Tricep Dips
12:20 – Wide to Narrow Curls
13:20 – Narrow Push Ups
14:20 – Alternating Iso Curls
15:20 – Tricep Kickbacks
16:20 – Lower Curl Pulses
17:20 – Tricep Press
18:20 – Negative Curls
19:20 – Diamond Push Ups

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