We need to talk..


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20 thoughts on “We need to talk..

  1. Luke Appleyard says:

    I’m in the RAF and can honestly tell you that your workouts kept me fit to pass my fitness test with ease, much love.

  2. Jeff Ochoa says:

    Young bro I discovered your channel recently and I definitely believe in you, keep killing it!

  3. ana castillo says:

    Hola Bully me da mucho gusto verte y escucharte oye porque no hablas en español hay mucha gente que solo hablamos español y que te seguimos y hacemos tu rutina no entiendo lo que dices bye y feliz 4 de julio saludos desde la ciudad de México

  4. shakar fairley says:

    Love to meet you One day man very encouraging been watching your channel for a while.

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