Looking to get back into the gym? Well here is my very first Training program in the link below!

Training program:


    • Rehman says:

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  1. ZR1 says:

    I know you might not see this but I’ve been feeling depressed and full of anxiety I see your working out in Dallas and I live here too Im about to head to the army basic but want to get more fit and active is their anyway you could help me out or point me to the right directions any tips or constructive criticism?

    • PaveK says:

      Just start exercising, I am not a pro at exercising and that stuff but I recommend you doing cardio maybe for some time like a month to get in form, if you are fat you should do it all the time because it burns a lot of fat, and eat healthy eggs are great, a lot of protein, low calories and they are tasty, don’t eat so much carbs, so no sugar, no bread, I mean you can eat bread but not so much, don’t drink soda its not that hard atleast for me, only water, and drink a lot of water like 2 liters, you can take a bottle and fill it with water and always have it in room like if you’re playing games you can have it on the desk so you never forget to drink water and believe me its easily forgetable, also when you are exercising dont drink too much water you can like do 1 rep of cardio than drink some water than do another rep and again drink some water not too much so your stomach doesnt hurt, 3 reps a day of cardio is great I prefer watching Chris Heria but its your choice, 2-3 reps is okay at the start later you can do 4-5 reps, I hope I’ll help you I am just telling you what I know from my experience, AND DO NOT GIVE UP REMEMBER, YOU WILL NEVER FEEL BAD AFTER EXERCISING! YOU’RE DOING IT FOR YOUR HEALTH AND YOUR BODY! GOOD LUCK 😀

    • ZR1 says:

      @PaveK thanks im 5’9 weighing around 155 I really wanna get my full body muscles working and gain around 10 lbs of muscles or more

    • PaveK says:

      @ZR1 You can make a schedule, 1 day you work on legs, 1 day on abs, 1 day chest etc… also than you should eat a lot of protein and little bit more food but healthy food not junk food, and yea I don’t know anything else I was never really building muscles only abs so I don’t want to say something false but I tried to help you 😀

  2. Miguel Guzman says:

    You’re my go to for all things no equipment related. Keep up the good work. Been slacking but today im back on it, trying to look like you lol

  3. Nuno Mendes says:

    Damn, gonna try this fresh one! Tomorrow I’ll have a new walking style for sure =) Thanks for your work!

  4. MrMontana says:

    please dont start doing shorts. I love working out with you and getting them thumbs up always keeps me pushing. keep doing these full live workouts.

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