In this video I will be sharing with you a pushup workout you can do EVERYDAY for 30 days to see results! Whether your goal is to increase the amount of pushups you're able to do, or build muscle in your chest, THIS WORKOUT IS FOR YOU! Simple and effective.

Gym training program: https://gymoclockfitness.com/products/8-week-training-program-push-pull-legs-phase1-4

Push-up progression program: [Coming Soon] Check https://gymoclockfitness.com/ website.
Take a rest day once a week from doing push ups during this challenge. On your rest day you can do ACTIVE recovery. Which means not to just sit around and do nothing. Below are a few videos I would recommend you do on your "rest days" to get some more work in!

ABS: https://youtu.be/qgjdta2jyxw

BACK: https://youtu.be/kCF9MmHAJSk

STRETCH: https://youtu.be/c1mdorMppH4

MOBILITY: https://youtu.be/epwx_l4F0lM

I would also recommend mixing up your hand placement from normal to close and wide to hit the muscles in your chest a different way! Stick with it and you WILL get results! Try MAXING out again after your 30 days are up!

KEEP IN MIND! Your diet is also an important factor in this as well! So be mindful of that! What you do in the kitchen should match your goals. Trying to gain? Caloric surplus. Trying to lose? Caloric deficit.


  1. Akash Kandel says:

    I’m on Day 40 of the 45 day challenge, was confused what to do next…
    This challenge came right in time!

  2. Killer Larab says:

    Hello BullyJuice. I love all of your workouts. I do them everyday. And I’m missing one thing brother. Please please upload a 1000Cal burning cardio or any type of workout that burns 1000 cal under 50-60 minutes. This is a great req. I’m saying 50-60 minutes cuz i seperate this much time in a day for my workouts. If it is possible in little less time also, it would be great. Love your workouts. Thank you!

  3. Microbuncher says:

    I have really strong legs and toned abs, but my arms? My sister can beat me in an arm wrestle! Excited for this one

  4. Гералт од Ривиа says:

    Let’s go brother! I remember last year I couldn’t do more than 15 pushups,but after finding your channel my pushup game increased by a lot! Managed to hit 600 pushups in one hour last week!
    Time to improve it even further!

  5. Bluedo says:

    You never really talk about what our diet should be when following these 30-day challenges. Can that be addressed? I want the best results when I try one of these challenges, so I know my diet is a big factor. Thanks Bully

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