8-16 Week Weight Training Program:

4-8 Week Push-Up Progression Program:

22 thoughts on “DELETING THIS IN 24 HOURS!!

  1. xX_D-e-v-o-n-t-e_M-a-g-r-e-t-i-s_Xx says:

    What was your bad diet like? what did you eat before cleaning up your diet?

  2. Kate Griffin says:

    I just pulled up at the gym! About to get into these push-ups! Thanks for all you do to set such a good example. My family and I benefit from your expertise and talent!

  3. Tomas Miguel says:

    just got done with my isolation , going through covid recovery . Starting up small cuz my resistance diminished a lot due to corona but always using you as motivation

    • SAIYAN PRINCE says:

      I am having problems with juggling school and exercise my mother says I should focus on school and get straight A’s.Do you at least have advice for me pls

  4. Shani p says:

    BULLY MUCH LOVE FROM NY!!! you’ve taught me a lot and i hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy !!!

  5. Iloveyp Forreal says:

    I’m mad as a bear that I missed the live stream this week. But I’ll be sure to tune in next session for sure.

  6. Anthony Blakely says:

    I just did 50 push-ups and 50 sit-ups with you. Not sure it will work but I am doing this every other day.

    • AJ Thomas says:

      I will follow too.
      I will begin 50 P-P & 50 sit ups…everybody days ..
      So you do it along with the other workouts right

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