Hi guys,
In this video I did another highly requested video.
I did PAMELA REIF's thigh work.
This workout is 15 minutes long, effective and burning workout. it was definitely a challenge to complete this work out because personally it was difficult for me. haha
#slimlegs #fitnesschallenge #beforeafter
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A little about me:
* name: nimesha
* nationality: Sri Lankan
* born and raised: Dubai, UAE
* currently living: Belarus
* height: 5 ft

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16 thoughts on “Slim Legs In 7 Days || I tried Pamela Reif’s Thigh Workout”
  1. Hey there…when are you gonna make a video with your boyfriend?
    Hope to see you both together ❤️

  2. Every day you giving me motivation .I’m started to do more exercise because of you thank you

  3. l have been watching your videos so much that it feels like you’re my own sister hahaha love youuu

  4. I’m obsessed with your channel girl. Im going to manifest and move out from India to a foreign Uni, have my own YouTube channel and lots of subs. You truly inspire me to do it. Lots of positivity ❤️

  5. I just want to tell you that i was really having a bad day and was exhausted today but you make me feel sooooo gooooddddd i dont know but i am obssessed with you , you make me feel like i am worthed. ❤️

  6. queen, I can’t relate anymore to you…..girl’s struggles for losing lower body fat is just next to impossible, its so stubborn that it takes months and prolly years to lose those lower body fat..T T

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