Get ready for one of the best Morning Workouts of your LIFE! This is day 3 of my 30 day home workout challenge. Let's do this! A full body morning workout that you can do whenever and wherever you like!! You don't need any equipment or weight.

This video is full length which means you can just follow along with whatever I'm doing.

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Workout 1: https://youtu.be/ss7toxi1Z3A
Workout 2: https://youtu.be/7a_QnCko1b4
Workout 3: https://youtu.be/CfU6VW2Y05M
Workout 4: https://youtu.be/EW3YJE-id1I

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  1. Parv says:

    Fraser my brother when COVID started I used to be Fat and very insecure about my body specially chest fat and started watching your 10 min video I used to fail in them everyday but i made my target to do my best and complete them by taking breaks….after few months it got easier and my body felt little just a little better and then I started doing 20 min one which was like the most difficult thing I faced because I used to be FAT AF…after 6 months I finally was able to master it 95% and then my close friends started complimenting me and now after a year I do all your DIFFICULT HIIT workout for like 45 mins a day( chest and abs…HIIT 15mins…..recent superset 15mins..) and I would like to thank you for my fitness journey and I feel more confident about my body my fat is very less and my muscles started getting much more defined and all credit goes to YOU

    • Fraser Wilson says:

      So glad to hear that Kay brother… thank you so much for sharing your story and a big congratulations on your transformation so far! <3

  2. Jamie. Coulthard. says:

    can you please do a 30- 1h long dumbbell arm workout video with your air pods in also if I ever came to Australia would you allow me to use your garage gym along with your phone and air pods but I am mostly asking you to do a 30min- 1h long dumbbell only arm workout in the next video tomorrow?


    You know i was gonna skip today but then I see the effort that Fraser puts into helping us reach our goals and I simply cannot allow myself to not match his effort by the way Fraser do you have any recommendations for recovery, I do both foam rolling and stretching of course on top of a balanced nutritious diet but maybe I am missing something oh right I got sleep on check as well idk thanks in advance

    • Fraser Wilson says:

      Recovery wise, I do stretching and foam rolling for the most part. 3x per week minimum full body and minor stretching post workout. Happy to help!

  4. Fatima Alfarra says:

    Hey King! I have a quick question so dose your workout works for girls/womens or only mens? Have a wonderful lovely day!❤❤

  5. Gym Garage Man says:

    Awesome work Fraser!!! Been training in garage doing mainly bodyweight exercises,lifting rocks doing PUSH UPS on paint cans got ripped af at 50 years old!!!

  6. Robert Archer says:

    I’m still watching, and am in awe of your production of quality videos, and of your incredible physique Fraser…. Keep up the great content and work…..

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