15 Mins Booty & Legs Workout | Tone Legs | Slim Thighs | Lose Thigh Fat | Legs Home Workout

Hey Squad, This will help you carve those bum and give nice slim legs.
This will help you burn calories, get a strong core and lose extra fat.
Welcome to 21 Days Workout Challenge where we will be working out together everyday for the next 21 Days to build the best Habit of 2022.
These workouts have benefited me and hundreds of others as they are simple, no equipments required and can be done at home.
Enjoy them and take it easy on yourself if you are just beginning your road to fitness or coming back on track, remember baby steps and consistency always wins.

Challenge Details:
Starts 17th January- 6th February 2022
To participate and win 1 Month Free Membership of ArushiFitSquad Live one-on-one Sessions:
1) Complete this workout and share your post workout selfie with me on Instagram tagging @arushi.chawla & @arushifitsquad
Winner to be announced on 7th February on ArushiFitSquad Insta Page

All the Best to Everyone!!
Lets Make Living Easier Together

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10 thoughts on “15 Mins Booty & Legs Workout | Tone Legs | Slim Thighs | Lose Thigh Fat | Legs Home Workout

  1. Farheen BN says:

    Done with the second day workout but yesterday legs were paining a lot nnn looking forward for up coming day ✨

  2. Kamakshee Singh says:

    You really didn’t work on making the workout routine lol. You just made a compilation of those Chloe ting’s exercises that you thought you could do but really couldn’t do it properly. Also work on your form. Your knees are ahead of your toes when you are squatting which aren’t even full squats. And also work on your lunges. And please don’t copy Chloe ting or any other fitness influencers in the future. Have some originality!

  3. Growing Artist says:

    Same to same like Chloe ting… Everything is same …Intro,vdo editing,background,,etc.. each n everything is same…

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