Lets get it done Fam! This 10 minute lower abs routine is ready to be added to your workout schedule! I hope you're ready to sweat and light that midsection on fire because this one is going to burn! But you've got it fam! Come burn some calories and tighten up with me!

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15 thoughts on “10 MINUTE LOWER ABS BURNER!

  1. Boss M says:

    I wish I could do all of this cause lord knows I need to lose this stomach but my knees won’t let me. But I’m going to do all I can do.

  2. Tony Mcknight says:

    Bro this tony McKnight man it was awesome meeting you yesterday, and I will be getting in even harder….

  3. Sammy Nogo says:

    Started watching channel before dude really got major. But when the money come in dude really started grind probably 0% body fat

  4. Prince Blacksta IV says:

    My upper abs are really well built but my lower abs while visible in contrast are not on the same level.
    This workout will help me so thank you

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