15 Minute Cardio and Abs HIIT Workout [Hydrow]

Let's burn some calories, melt some fat, and get you closer to the shredded 6 pack you've been wanting! This video will take you through a 15 minute HIIT cardio workout as well as share with you some exciting information from Hydrow! Thank you Hydro for sponsoring this video!

I've had my hydro rower machine for a while now and I'm loving it! I use it to warm up often, as well as a great substitute for some low impact cardio. With this machine you will feel like you can travel the world with the guide of many different world class athletes. ENJOY!

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17 thoughts on “15 Minute Cardio and Abs HIIT Workout [Hydrow]

  1. Jonathan Daniel Martinez says:

    BullyJuice, thanks! Awesome Channel. Greetings from S. Texas, AKA “The South Pole of Texas” New to channel.

    • Manny Jay Suelo says:

      Rgv in the house !!!! Bullyjuice is the way ! Try his 30day challenge it will really start you in the right direction

  2. Joesiah Valenzela Bojorquez says:

    Nice and I bet I’m the youngest age to do your workout I am 13 and I been following you for about a year keep up the good work

  3. Miguel Guzman says:

    Yo Bully! I would love to know how much you weigh, I feel like I’m overweight at 205 5’11 and I wanna get my body to look like yours

  4. Darren Gerrard says:

    Hey bully we got the 30 minute chest and abs are we getting for back and abs
    Thanks for everything you do for us buddy love from Canada

  5. Imnah Alston says:

    You should do so 20 minute Hitt workouts with the Rower. I would love to see that as I just purchased the Rower as well.

  6. Anthony Burrus says:

    Keep dropping this pain bro 75 days your 45 and 30 in about to take 5 days off and get right back to it

  7. A PERSON says:

    Hey BullyJuice! thanks for the great advice! Can you make a pull up bar abs workout maybe 20 mins? I just got one I want to improve my calisthenics. Thanks!

  8. TBE LJ says:

    my boy!! still remember watching your AF vids when I was in 2017. love to see the progress!

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