I Did the “Baby Monkey Ab Workout” for 30 Days (HERE’S WHAT HAPPENED!)

There are ab workouts and then there are ridiculous workout for abs. In this video, Jesse shows what happened when he followed the “Baby Monkey Ab Workout” for 30 days. This is a follow up to his previous Baby Shark Ab Workout experiment. Except this time, he’s claiming even better results after 30 days of doing this bodyweight ab routine. Let’s just say, Jesse does hadve an even better looking set of 8 pack abs than before.

The Baby Shark Ab Workout is something that was created for kids as a way to get them exercising. Jesse wanted to give it another shot and see if he could inspire action once again with a home ab workout that requires no equipment at all. Once again, the key to the difficulty of this one is the serious time under tension and a sequence of floor based v-sit ab exercises, it takes the user through It’s actually a series of 8 ab movements without rest.

See if you can keep up with the exercises before your ears burn out from listening to the song.

Ab Workout:

– Recline Vine Climbers
– Alternating Leg Peels
– Vine Climb Sit-Ups
– Banana Peel Twists
– Plank Vine Swings
– No More Bananas
– V-Yum Holds
– Monkey See You Laters

Don’t let the foolishness of this ab workout fool you. Now, this certainly isn’t a song that I would recommend you work out to, but I can tell you this. Music has a way of distracting you from the burn that you might otherwise focus on too much when doing ab workouts. If you can find something to listen to that will distract you in a good way from the difficulty of what you’re doing then you may find that it is easier to get through your ab routine.

The other benefits to this type of training are that the ab exercises are being performed for time rather than reps. For instance, ab routines that prescribe reps of a certain exercise may be challenging for some and not even the slightest bit difficult for someone else. When you use time to failure as a metric of work you will find that it is much easier to equalize the workload despite the difference of ability.

Here, you could perform the same exercise for multiple characters in the song rather than limit it to just one if you were more advanced.

The next key is that the abs remain under constant tension from the first rep to the last. And if you want to make this even more challenging, there’s nothing stopping you from hitting the repeat button and going for a second, third or even fourth round. Just make sure that you’re matching the challenge to your ability level in order to get that 8 pack progress underway.

Now, is this the ultimate ab workout for training like an athlete. Not at all. I’d much rather see you get on your feet and perform more rotational ab exercises if possible, but as far as something that may get more people trying it simply because of the novelty of the idea I think it could be a good thing. After all, the more times people will engage in fitness that otherwise wouldn’t we are doing something right.

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23 thoughts on “I Did the “Baby Monkey Ab Workout” for 30 Days (HERE’S WHAT HAPPENED!)

  1. DoomRulz says:

    Challenge Accepted, Jesse.

    I did the 30 Day Baby Shark ab challenge back in 2018, thanks to you and it felt great! Took me all of 30 days to be able to get through it without stopping. Now I can do it with my eyes closed.

  2. Alkaline Divide says:

    Lmao, I love how “cheesy” the acting is!
    I end up smiling the whole time like a crazy person lol.
    Lol no more bananas

    • Hulalulatallulahoop2 says:

      I was smiling all the way through as well….fun and I’ll definitely try the exercises!

  3. M. Sebastian Pacheco says:

    Hahahaha after all these years, it’s cool you guys are mixing it up and trying new fun content. Bananas are killing your gains

  4. Eddy Jimenez says:

    Btw, ive been training with Jeff for 10 years now. Im 66 and without him i definetly would not have the body i have today. Now, ive finally convinced my 54 yr old brother to train with Jeff, and after 4mths he too is a different man. Both physically and mentally, my kid brother looks great and hes loving it which is the best part of it all. Now all we talk about is training and nutrition, cant get any better. Thanx Jeff!

    • James Russell says:

      @Chris Bayliss Don’t do it for the ladies (or men), or the mirror (but by all means look! Who doesn’t?!) Do it for you – your mood, your confidence, your health, your lifespan.

      Jeff’s work out plans are great (and tough!) I was following the channel and using that to get Nubie gains, and then invested in a program with some good results for the last 6 months.

      But the motivation is that when I go exercise, even if it’s just an 8 minute cardio shred that leaves me a sweaty panting mess, I get a great endorphin rush, my mood is better, I sleep better, I move better, I feel more capable in general. I just did a morning workout and I’ll feel great for the rest of the day! Sometimes life gets in the way of my workout schedule and it feels difficult to get back, but I remind myself that the endorphins are even better after a break.

      Bottom line- do it for you, make it sustainable, and the other things will come. I don’t have targets, I have milestones (because I won’t stop after I reach my next goal).

      My tips for equipment/purchases – good noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones (so you can blast your best soundtrack), a subscription to a gym (so you can go any time), protein, creatine and Omega 3/fish oil supplements, and then a fitness plan of your choice (I found Athleanx was very good… Also recommend their 6-pack promise app, which is very good value).

      And when you need a kick in the butt, come to the channel and watch some videos, engage in the chat and get yourself started again!

    • Mirwais Fazli says:

      I’ve been also training with Jeff for almost two and a half years now. Jeff has changed my life and my physique. To me Jeff is not only a coach, but an angel. I admire him so much and wish Jeff to be my coach for a life time. Best wishes and love from Afghanistan.

  5. Dagoth Ur says:

    I’m sure this is effective, but I’m gonna stick to Jeff’s 7 minute ab workout, this song will send me over the edge lol

  6. MrAB2357 says:

    Any tips for dealing with a pinched nerve in the upper back? Tried some stuff from other Youtube fitness channels but they haven’t really worked. But your vids have always helped me with my injuries, so it would be a great help.

    Thanks for the assistance and all the hard work you’ve put in already!

  7. Nelson Pinheiro says:

    …. Good to be here, it’s a channel for the whole family, Jesse and Jeff’s abs are steel, trained with fun and agony, the friendship is real…. Thank you.

  8. jrae says:

    I love that work out! OMG do that for a few sets and see what happens! that was not easy! Good job Jesse

  9. Blessing Nyakutsikwa says:

    My 2 year old daughter loves this song to bits. Usually train at home with her around so will definetly try it so that she can join in on the fun

  10. Brian Daniel says:

    For me personally things like this are really useful. I have MS and on top of any central nervous dysfunction I have, I have also lost quite a bit of muscle mass over the last year (not that I was ever that big). Recovering for me involves taking the medications my doctor gives me, and then fixing any problems with my diet and exercise. Something like this exercise that I could realistically do every day (or even twice a day) would help me a lot and get me to the point were I can do harder and more aggressive exercises daily. Day by day I will get stronger till I can run again!

  11. D Thompson says:

    Hey Jeff,have been following your channel since I first stumbled onto it years ago . It kind of looked like you made the videos in your basement (no offense) used the old square dumbbells but you’ve certainly come a long way since then with your channel as well as your physique …kudos on both!! I wanted to ask you for any advice/opinion about a problem I have with my shoulder. Is basically impossible for me to do any sort of overhead press for one example also when I try to do face pulls once I get to a certain point seems as if the shoulder joint ‘shifts’ and it’s impossible for me to finish the exercise without my elbow leading the way. Hope you can get what I mean. I can move my arm itself in pretty much any direction,no weight, but have way too little rom with external rotation . Also shoulder joint clunks/crunches (best way I can describe) with some movements. I did fall on it pretty hard some years ago,had no insurance so couldn’t really see a doc then . I’ve tried many different exercises and so called rehab routines with some results,not alot though. My question is,could you offer some sort of advice to help with the situation? Or with what I have described what you think may be wrong? Have you ever run into this sort of situation? I’d sure appreciate any help you might be able to offer! by the way ,the monkey routine looks just crazy enough to work. I think I’ll give it a try lol. And kudos to Jesse, he’s come a long way as well..(with expert coaching of course) thanks guys..keep up the great work!!

  12. Zeruiah Zeruiah says:

    The ab workout that also works the Zygomaticus Major and other smile muscles AND with that full dose of dopamine, serotonin and endorphins. 😀 Get with it Jeff!

    Jesse is HERO! Looking great as always, congrats and good job!

    Bringing the smiles from the Athlean X team = Win!

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