I don't like doing videos like this, but I was compelled to give it to you all straight! There are BIG differences between someone that uses click bait to get more views and someone that uses flat out lies to deceive you.. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
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  1. Dragon says:

    No doubt, it’s definitely about “lifestyle change” & “body training with brain training.”

  2. just a random anime girl passing by says:

    I like how he clarifies a lot of common misconceptions and stereotypes about working out and fitness

  3. Erica Caines says:

    I love that your workouts are suitable for different lifestyles and body types. Keep it up. Thank you.

  4. zoharcsgochannel says:

    I want to tell you bully juice that you helped me a lot if not you i will gain more and more fat my age is 13 years old and I lost 25kg a year thank you bully juice I hope I have enough strength to start calisthenics.

  5. Big Manny Sr says:

    As usual, the Bully Juice way, authenticity! Thank you for enlightening the Bullyverse and your consistency in overall health my brother. God bless you and your family!

  6. Jeremy Stinnett says:

    First thank you for your service. Thanks for being real and explaining the differences across the board. Great food for thought. I just started my new lifestyle change and have the rest of my life to keep it.

  7. Celtfifa says:

    Everything about training I have learned from you.. it has changed my life and I am so thankful. ❤️

  8. Austin Walker says:

    I’m so glad you put this video out, I feel the perceived idea of what it takes to get into shape is sometimes misconstrued through YouTube videos and influencers that end up discouraging people genuinely trying to get into shape when they don’t see the same results.
    Sufficient Rest days and calorie control made a major difference in my results.

    Thanks for keeping it real Bully!

  9. wesley rowell says:

    This is great & I thank you sir. I gained 30+ lbs in 2020 during the pandemic and doing BullyJuice 20-30-40 min workouts I went from 225 to 190 losing fat and gaining lean muscle mass in 2021. I got covid last month and had to stop but I started again with the daily 5 & 10 min workouts and getting my lung capacity back. THANK YOU

    • jeremy oxford says:

      I got the same story.. went up to 230 after covid now I’m back to about 205.. been doing 20 to 45 workouts

  10. Daniel Schiller says:

    I always pass your workouts on to other people, especially during COVID. Your right, 90% is lifestyle the other is the training! Keep up the awesome work.

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