The #1 Exercise To Lose Belly Fat (FOR GOOD!)

“How to lose belly fat” is one of the most common questions out there. And that’s understandable. Belly fat is really easy to gain and notoriously hard to lose. It can seem as though no matter what exercises you try to lose belly fat and no matter how well you eat, the belly fat just won’t budge. And unfortunately, with exception to surgery, there is currently no proven method of being able to spot reduce fat from the belly. There is an exercise, however, that is incredibly underutilized yet powerfully effective when it comes to losing even the most stubborn belly fat. Today I’ll share what that is and how you can start using it right away to lose belly fat.

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Why is belly fat is so hard to lose in the first place? Well, it comes down to the fact that certain areas of your body are easier to lose fat than others, and is largely determined by genetics. Now having your genetics stacked against you may seem problematic if you’re looking to develop a slim or lean looking abdomen, but there is a solution. As long as you create a calorie deficit, you will continue to lose fat. Eventually, if maintained long enough, you will lose excess fat from all areas of your body, even if your genetics put your belly fat at the back of the line.

While diet should be your main way of creating a calorie deficit, adding additional exercises could help you to lose belly fat by keeping your metabolism high, even as you’re losing weight from dieting. That said, not all exercises are created equal. While things like running, rowing, cycling, or even HIIT workouts tend to burn calories very quickly, the truth is, the overwhelming majority of people can’t actually stick with traditional cardio long enough for fat loss to reach stubborn areas. And it’s not that these methods don’t work if you stick to it, because they do. The problem is simply that they’re brutal. They require a lot of willpower.

Now don’t get me wrong, these forms of cardio definitely do have their place and some people have no problem sticking to them. In fact, I still do these intense sessions once or twice a week for conditioning. But I no longer rely on them as my main form of cardio to lose fat and nor should most people. Because if you want to lose your stubborn belly fat, and more importantly keep it off once it’s gone, then you need something you can stick to for life. What’s the solution?

The best exercise to lose belly fat is walking. It’s the easiest to maintain, lowest stress, lowest fatigue, and most versatile form of cardio. According to research, intense forms of cardio like HIIT or running, while time efficient, didn’t provide any superior fat loss effect when compared to longer yet less intense forms of cardio such as walking. Which makes sense. It’s simply a numbers game. Your body doesn’t care whether the calories you burned were from some crazy intense fasted cardio session or from plain old walking. What matters most is what you can do consistently over time. And if you crunch the numbers, you’ll actually find that the calories burned from simply walking can very quickly add up to a meaningful amount.

So now that I’ve hopefully convinced you of the power of walking, let’s dive into the specifics of how to lose belly fat from walking. The first step is to determine an average of how many steps you’re currently taking. You can use the health app on your iPhone or use Google Fit if you’re on Android. After a week, see what your daily average comes up to. Some of you however might be surprised with how few steps you’re taking, but this is a good thing, as it means you have a big opportunity to bump that up.

Set a realistic goal and first aim to do an extra 2,000 steps a day. Given that the average individual takes about 1,200 steps during 10 minutes of walking, all you have to do is throw in two 10 minutes walks into your day to accomplish that. Once you’re consistent with that, try bumping it up by another 2,000 steps, and continue doing this with the goal of consistently getting at least 8,000 steps or even up to 15,000 steps, which seems to be the range that provides the greatest fat loss and health benefits.

Trust me, the little things add up. Apply these tips and you’ll be surprised with just how much they increase your step count and even more surprised by how much of a difference it makes towards your fat loss overtime. That said guys, I want to emphasize that walking or any form of cardio is only effective for fat loss if it’s used in combination with a diet. So use your diet as the primary way to create a calorie deficit and supplement it with walking to help speed up the process.

36 thoughts on “The #1 Exercise To Lose Belly Fat (FOR GOOD!)

  1. DOTA2MAS7ER says:

    If you’re in a big calorie surplus you can workout and do all the cardio you want. Your fat is staying.

    • V3n0m917 says:

      What is a big calorie surplus? Over 500 calories from your maintenance is no longer a big surplus, but over eating.

    • Lucky says:

      @Pokemon4833 1. Bulking is not useless, being in a caloric surplus maximizes energy, recovery, and actual muscle being built.
      2. 20% for a women is practically shredded and 25-29% is considered healthy for them.
      3. Bulking isn’t a waste of time since it makes it easier to pack on muscle which is a longer process than losing fat.

    • frogblues says:

      @Pokemon4833 I gave the definition of caloric surplus for the guy thought it was meaningless. I didn’t pass judgement on it.

  2. Jeremy Ethier says:

    Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed this one! See below for links to the studies I referenced in the video:


    • Tom Barni says:

      Hi Jeremy, So great to see you back! When will you answer some questions concerning your last pull-up video (->is doing that back workout once per week indeed enough to progress pull-up numbers fast?)?

    • John Paul Sousa says:

      i work in hospitality an walk at my job for 8 hours this can work so that helps

  3. Talon Fitness says:

    It’s good to see the simple truth being put out there. No shortcuts because you really don’t need any

  4. HEN REY says:

    If I had the money I would hire him as my full-time trainer.
    Love the way he educates you on health as you target the desired body shape.

    • Randy Marsh says:

      You can take a college health class too. My professor was smart and he went to the same gym as Cain Velasquez and Daniel Coormier when he was in college.

    • HEN REY says:

      True. I was just making the point that this guy is that good. You won’t find motivation in a class.

    • GlasgowBhoy says:

      He literally has all the information in detail in all his videos, u just need the motivation to get up and do it not the money the information is all here! I know this because I’m in the same boat but time to get back in shape asap

  5. WSLM RADIO says:

    I have lost 120 pounds in 18 months and I have a ring of loose fat around my belly. Trying to continue to reduce fat and weight. Went from 29 percent fat to 14 percent.

  6. S5 Dermatome says:

    Used to work in an emergency department getting 20,000 steps per shift but ever since I went back to school 8-5, I’ve been getting closer to 5,000 and gained 10 pounds. thanks for the video, Im going to try to get some more steps in.

  7. Marcio Kriiger says:

    I started walking home from work instead of taking a bus, about 2 months ago. It takes about 40 minutes to complete the way. What I could see is that I started to lose fat even without making great sacrifices on eating. It was easy to introduce into my routine, and without exhausting me from the effort.

    • Rcs N says:

      I do the same! And it also has the benefit – at least for me – to help me decompress after a stressful day.

  8. lendial says:

    an hour of strength trainning is more fun and feasible than 15 minutes of intense cardio

  9. Atlas says:

    A middle ground would be eliptical, it’s a lot easier then running and it burns more calories then walking in shorter period of time. It’s something I’ve been consistently able to do for 20-25 minutes, which burns somewhere around 260-300 calories

    • ZENergetic _8 says:

      Good point. Running kills my shins and in Florida it’s only 438% humidity year round.

  10. busslayer says:

    This also demonstrates that diet is really the key to losing fat. It is likely easier for most to cut 300 calories per day than to do 300 calories worth of extra exercise.
    I do agree walking is a great way to get in exercise though. I actual enjoy going for walks unlike doing heavy cardio.

  11. Movere Ergo Sum says:

    Great vid! Walking has been my daily routine ever since pandemy ‘ended’ or post-pandemic era. Usually I walk 1 hour every day, and on Sunday I walk 2 hours and has been consistently losing fat while building back my muscle at the same time.

    • Professor X Fitness says:

      Yes, walking is always a great substitute to running! As a cross country athlete, I concur with the high degree of will power required to run frequently. A slower pace and breath of fresh air will always be preferential, as they allow you to take a break from the stresses of life and clear your mind. Have you noticed results from a reduced caloric intake as well, or are you simply incorporating more walking into your routine to lose fat?

  12. Paul McNeil says:

    Hi Jeremy. Another Great Video. This absolutely explains something my wife and I discovered several years ago. We usually take a 10 day beach vacation every year. And everyday we would take 1 to 1-1/2 hour long walks on the beach and most days we walk 2 times. And even though we feel like we are eating and drinking way more than at home, we always arrive back home about 6 – 8 pounds lighter for me and 4-5 pounds for my wife. And we both look fitter. I was convinced that on our recent trip in March (which was the first in 2years) I had gained 3-5 pounds but only to discover back home, once again, I had lost 6 pounds. Thanks for all your great video’s.

  13. V3n0m917 says:

    I notice this way helps me more than HIIT cardio and everyone tells me my physique is getting better.

    2.0 incline with 2.5 speed for 2 minutes, and then 10-14 incline with 3.2 speed for 10-15 minutes. I seriously burn 300 in up to 20 minutes.

  14. One Skill Point says:

    I basically lost all my covid weight by doing 2 miles a day on the treadmill doing 2 laps run, 2 laps walk (8 laps total = 2 miles) averaging about 25 minutes per session. It’s easy to maintain, helps with basically every sport and mixed with weight training, you’ll be fit fairly quickly.

  15. 하이채드 Hi Chad says:

    3 one mile walks a day is pretty easy to do and usually gets me close to 10k steps in a day even if I don’t do much else

  16. Dylan Thompson says:

    I started walking in the beginning of May and cleaned up my diet. So far I’ve went from 230 to 207. I get about around 15,000-25,000 steps depending how my day is. Great video!

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