A Leg Workout Finisher You Gotta Try: the TKE

Let's discuss more about building strong, muscular legs.

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25 thoughts on “A Leg Workout Finisher You Gotta Try: the TKE

  1. High Intensity Health says:

    This is a shorter clip from a long, detailed leg and glute training video we’re posting soon.

  2. Swamp Hawk says:

    You’ve motivated me to make today leg day. I’m taking my green resistance band with me

  3. robert williams says:

    Mike you are so right I got to the point at 72 yrs. old that I cringed at the thought of trying to get off of someone’s couch ,and blamed it on the couch . Now while sitting in my office chair in front of my computer I put my feet on the wheel struts and without using my hands stand up it’s very rewarding , can get off that couch now no problemo !

  4. Scot Hatt says:

    Thanks Mike. Great finisher. While I have you, have you done any research into barefoot shoes? I saw your traditional toe box shoes and was hoping they were not your standard shoes. I picked up some Vivo brand barefoot shoes a few months ago resulting in toe spread and arch strength improvements. Whole subculture to get into there as well.

    • mtbin2 says:

      Humans weren’t meant to wear shoes. Shoes “baby” the feet and those that wear shoes all day long end up with feet that aren’t at their full potential.

  5. Jon D says:

    I’m gonna have to try that.

    I’m loving the garage gym you got. Buying a home gym was one of the best purchases I made. I paid $700 for a gym membership just before the start of the “pandemic” and was never even able to use it because of lockdown. Now I have everything I need at home and will never need another membership.

  6. Joy80 says:

    What about exercises to help you get off floor…hands free. As an older gal I have to push off my bent knee to get up from floor.

    • High Intensity Health says:

      No need to elevate the heals, but if you do it may help engage more of your quad.

  7. timshel Leo says:

    Thanks for the great tip Mike.
    I just so happen the have the exact band. I never thought of using it like that. ..

  8. Joseph Jones says:

    That’s a good warm up for a recovery day. Something done in the morning. A MMC focus. I think bodyweight leg extensions for sets & reps or even prisoner lunges. Talk about shaky pump legs 3mins minimum. Do it, Mike, try

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