30 MIN NO STANDING ABS, BUTT & INNER THIGH WORKOUT – No Repeats Lower Body Floor Workout + Dumbbells

You ready for this 30 minute no standing abs, butt & inner thigh workout?! We've got a lower body floor workout with dumbbells and there are also no repeats in this entire workout. With no standing, we target your abs, butt & inner thighs. For this floor workout grab some dumbbells and let's shape all angles of our lower body & abdominals!

RECOMMENDED EQUIPMENT: Light to medium weights. I am using 10 lbs.

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Make this the Most Effective Workout for YOU:
✔️WARM-UP & COOL-DOWN: Whether or not there is one included in the video, do about 5 minutes of light, dynamic movements to get your body warm before the workout – focusing on muscle groups that will be worked. At the end, do about 5 minutes of static stretching that feels most appropriate – focusing on muscles worked or sore muscles.
✔️MOVE AT YOUR OWN CONTROLLED PACE & USE WEIGHTS (IF ANY) THAT CHALLENGE YOU: It’s tempting to compare to what I or others typically lift. You should feel challenged after each interval, without feeling completely drained and exhausted. On some exercises, you might be able to lift heavier than me, and others, lighter. If your form starts to suffer, slow down and lower the weight. You’ll benefit yourself much more in the long run!
✔️FOCUS ON YOUR BREATH: After all, this regulates all functions of the body! The more oxygen you can controllably uptake and circulate through your body, the easier you will be able to move through the workout, and the easier your muscles can recover and become stronger.
✔️USE THIS TIME AS A FORM OF FOCUSED, MOVEMENT MEDITATION: Do your best to not attach to thoughts that pass by, trying to get you to put your attention on the past or what is coming up next on your to-do list. Instead, consciously think about the muscle that is working, envision your form, and visualize yourself getting stronger and more resilient. When in doubt, focus on all you appreciate in your life or repeat an affirmation in the background of your mind that lifts you up.
✔️ABOVE ALL, RESPECT HOW YOUR BODY IS FEELING: This workout is not a time for punishment or doing something you feel obligated to do. It’s a celebration, honoring your body for all it does for you each day. So, tune in and meet yourself where you’re at on any given day. Pushing through the wrong type of pain and ignoring your body’s communication system will elicit a stress response and do your body more harm than good.

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🏋🏼‍♀️ Household objects that can be used as an alternative to weights/dumbbells: canned goods, bags of dry goods (rice/beans), full water bottles, laundry detergent and/or shampoo & conditioner bottles, canned liquid items, cartons of liquid

00:00 Introduction
00:46 Workout
30:48 Closing & Cool Down

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