Quitting is the biggest mistake

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19 thoughts on “Quitting is the biggest mistake

  1. Neil Marvin says:

    I get this a lot. Most of the time, they are the New-Year-Resolutionists, For-Summer-Only are you know, the casuals where they just want to lift enough and asses if they are in for the long term. It’s kinda annoying when they are around for a short time but once they are in for the long haul, its a great community. Sad to say that 80% of the time, they quit as they want results as fast as Thanos’s snap.

  2. John Morgan says:

    Alright, but what about when you’ve worked at it for a few years and still haven’t seen the results you’re looking for?

  3. Xander Clydesdale says:

    This is very much true.
    DON’T QUIT GUYS STAY STRONG!! it’ll be Worth it I promise

  4. gunsmith says:

    I think I finally understand why he looked so weird in that first clip of younger him, he wanted to look better so he worked out like crazy, did a calorie deficit when be was supposed to and started cutting when he was already skinny. If you start off skinny you have to bulk first or you’ll look funky.

  5. Wesam ShaikhOmar says:

    One of the quotes I enjoy is ” It took you years to ruin your body, give to years to repair”

  6. Tommyleini says:

    Can you give us more workouts for us working poor that live in shared housing? I can’t do those Burpees with the whole house shaking if I do, and had to switch to workouts from some Igor and Ivan guys but I prefer your workouts. Just some without Burpees and no jumping stuff would be nice

  7. William Engel says:

    Serious question, because consistency is something I have a hard time with. I’ve been working out since middle August (about three weeks) with a strict regimen and I feel like I see zero progress. Do I keep at it or am I doing something wrong?

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