Bodyweight Chest Workout For Men Over 50 (BIG CHEST AT HOME!)

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If you want to build a bigger chest at home, without having to use any equipment then this workout is for you. You are just going to be using your bodyweight in this workout, and it is specifically for you guys over 40. The nice thing about this workout is you can do it from anywhere, since you do not need any equipment. Give this workout a try a couple times a week to help you build a bigger chest without any equipment. Let’s get started with the 6 different exercises in this workout.

Exercise #1: INCLINE PUSH UP. Your head is going to be elevated, higher than your feet. This will put more weight on your feet, instead of your chest. This is a great first exercise to start this workout, and it is great for beginners. You can use a couch or chair, just remember, the less the incline the harder it will be on your chest.

Exercise #2: DECLINE PUSH UP. We are now doing the opposite of the first exercise. Now we are putting even more work on the chest because the weight is shifting from our feet to our chest. The more the decline, the more difficult this exercise will be. If you are a beginner, you may not be able to do as many reps for this exercise.

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Exercise #3: WIDE HANDS PUSH UP. You are going to get in a traditional push up position then put your hands out a little wider. This will help you get a deeper stretch, and it will remove the help that you would typically get from your triceps.

Exercise #4: UNEVEN PUSH UP. You want to use really anything that will help elevate one hand off the ground at a time. You are going to do standard form pushups, and switch sides. If you need to, you can do this exercise on your knees as well.

Exercise #5: SPIDERMAN PUSH UP. Get in a standard push up position. When you go down, turn your head to one side, and bring one knee to your elbow. Alternate sides after each rep, and it is going to look like you’re spiderman.

Exercise #6: ARCHER PUSH UP. You are going to do the wide push up position, but turn your hands outward. When you go down, you are going to go from side to side. This is a very difficult push up, and it will really work your chest. Again, if this is too hard, you can do it on your knees.

Alright guys, that wraps up this video tutorial with a bodyweight chest workout for men over 50. Make sure to give this workout a try to build your chest. Subscribe to our channel for more videos on how to build muscle from home and get ripped!

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  1. Dennis B says:

    Good video Mark these push ups work great I know a guy at work all he does is push ups and he looks fantastic great video

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