Hardgainer Bicep Workout Tip Do Negative Chin Hang After Bicep Curl Home Workout

The main muscles worked when performing a Negative Pull Ups are: Lats (Primary) Back Muscles. Biceps.

Negative pullups are an effective way to build muscle and train for full pullups. In a negative pullup, you use support to raise yourself to the midway point of a pullup, with your chin over the bar.

To perform a chin-up, take a closer, underhand (supinated) grip. Those back muscles you recruit so efficiently in the standard pull-up are still activated, but greater stress is now placed on the biceps.

The barbell curl targets your biceps brachii muscle as well as the brachialis, a muscle responsible for elbow flexion. With regular practice, barbell curls can help you build bigger biceps. Barbell curls generally allow you to lift heavier weight than dumbbell curls.

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