Inner Thigh Workout While Lying Down 00:00 Lying Leg Raise and Hold Hips
01:10 Starfish Crunch (beginner) (male) without mat Wais
02:20 Decline Bent Leg Reverse Crunch Waist
03:30 Around the World Superman Hold Hips
04:40 Two Legs Reverse Biceps Curl with Towel (VERSION 2)
05:50 Lying Floor Row with Bent Knee Back
07:00 Lying Leg Hip Raise on Floor (VERSION 2) Waist
08:10 Cat Stretch m Back
09:20 Side Plank (male) Waist FIX
10:30 Side Hip Abduction Hips
11:40 Wipers (straight leg) Waist
12:50 Hip Raise (bent knee) waist
14:00 Elbow to Knee Sit up Waist
15:10 Iron Cross Stretch Hips
16:20 Rear Decline Bridge Waist FIX
17:30 Flexion Leg Sit up (straight arm) waist
18:40 Diamond Push up (on knees) Upper Arms
📆 Workout Plan

1st Week ✅ 3 Days a Week (1-2 rounds)
2nd Week ✅ 4 Days a Week (2-3 rounds)
3rd Week ✅ 5 Days a Week (2-4 rounds)
4th Week ✅ 6 Days a Week (2-4 rounds)
⭕ 1 Round = Complete Video
⭕ 2-4 Round = Repeat Video

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