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12 thoughts on “We gone make the haters hate, but most importantly we gone make the lovers love..🥰❤️🙌”
    1. Well it’s not really simping. Being a simp is getting walked over by an attractive person just because you wanna be with them. They both put in effort equally

  1. this is real! love and respect, power and partnership! I love this bro keep putting this kinda stuff out !

  2. You BullyJuice!!!! The image of your family and the love that is displayed amongst your union with your wife is an inspiration to me! Thank you for showing the world what real love is! May God continue to bless you and your family bro! Peace and love from Vegas!!!

  3. I really admire you my nîggà
    Keep the positivity up
    Cause in my hood all that men with big muscle do is mischief, bullying and messing people ups
    I really wish they were here to observe the difference

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