23 thoughts on “Physique changes are cool, but mentality changes are better. Give your mind the respect it deserves.

  1. Landis bro says:

    Hey bro just wanted to say thank you for your time in making these videos there pretty awesome dude you keep it up and grind hard towards your goals

  2. Jerrilyn Papilon says:

    Where this bm comes from he shatters all stereotypes about bm God bless you and your beautiful family.

    • COMMENT says:

      And which stereotype is he debunking? He looks like a guy that works out showers keeps up with his appearance and hygiene has a family seemingly nice home. Isn’t that normal for most men? Are black men thought of so lowly by people you know that they don’t even do the basic stuff in life lol

  3. Edwin Negron says:

    I didn’t realize how much I wanted this sort of life style until I seen this channel. I don’t care about the super cars and IG models, clubs or fashion designer clothes..

    Something close to genuine like this, seems so much more appealing

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