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Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest during Monday Night Football against the Cincinnati Bengals. In this video, I wanted to give my perspective on this incident as a sports medicine professional.

In my role in professional sports, I’ve had to be prepared for this exact incident, hoping that it would never happen. I want to applaud the medical staff for their quick response and decision making that saved Damar’s life.

My thoughts and prayers are with Damar and his family.

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52 thoughts on “Damar Hamlin Cardiac Arrest (Sports Medicine Professional’s Perspective)”
  1. I hope he recovers back to full strength. That’s never something you want to see & it tears your soul out of you watching someone collapse

    1. @Carla Kinsella exactly! Well said! Unfortunately my response was a bit more expressive! Well put my friend!

    2. kina virus released to fk up the elections…millions dead, billion+ with heart issues…evil know no bounds…Godless people will always create hell !!!

    3. @fhi lohh thread winner. All the attention seeking “praying for him” comments are from coping vaxxers. Every year about 2.8 million people die in America. That’s over 7,600 per day. These sheep are an embarrassment.

  2. As an ATC, completely agree we are a team and the response of the entire team saved his life. Praying for him and his recovery. Thank you for your prospective.

    1. Sad to see the discrepancy in the conversation in the Top Comments and the Newest Comments. Almost all the Newest comments mention the Jab and zero of the Top Comments are about the Jab. My two Vax comments had over 20 likes and were erased. We are not free citizens of speech at all anymore. The hive mind is being created before our eyes.

    1. kina virus released to fk up the elections…millions dead, billion+ with heart issues…evil know no bounds…Godless people will always create hell !!!

  3. Jeff I appreciate that you put some shine on the 1st responders, praying for that young man and anyone else in a similar situation!

  4. Hearing your story and obviously what damar went through is certainly a reminder that each moment is a blessing and that we’re not guaranteed tomorrow. Hopefully damar can make a full recovery and make himself another path. As for you Jeff, thankful you’re healthy as well. Providing us with true knowledge and personal experiences is something we all love from you. You’ve truly made an impact on many lives. Hopefully this game put into perspective a lot of values for others. God be with us all!

    1. Jeff Cavaliere has positively impacted so many people.
      Jeff will “by no means lose his reward.” (Matthew 10:42)
      And amen! May God be with us!!
      (Matthew 1:23)

    2. life is a blessing but if you took the big pharma injections you didn’t treat it as such lol

    3. kina virus released to fk up the elections…millions dead, billion+ with heart issues…evil know no bounds…Godless people will always create hell !!!

  5. Excellent perspective. Last night’s event will change how life saving measures on athletes are given forever and going forward that’s a good thing. I’m also impressed by your professionalism on this matter as well as others like last night’s commentators. We’ll done

  6. Having resuscitated my fair share of patients I have to say; our school curriculums should have CPR training every year. Imagine the number of lives which could be saved?

    1. It is taught, usually in the health and fitness class junior or senior year in high school. This may have changed though and my school was in NJ.

    2. i did it in school in the uk. probably they don’t now though in case someone sues /complains etc etc etc

    3. Out of hospital witnessed SCI has a 27% survival if CPR is initiated quickly… I agree 100%, and R on T phenomenon certainly seems like a great possibility of what happened to this young man. You gotta imagine someone running full clip and being hit with blunt force can certainly cause one to go into Vfib or Vtach, and the only thing to get a person out of that is early defibrillation.

    4. CPR should be taught before teaching boys to be girls….or common core math….or many other things that are taught in school these days.

  7. Wishing him some full recovery…
    The response from the medical team was just heaven sent and life saving …
    All sports need such. .

    1. kina virus released to fk up the elections…millions dead, billion+ with heart issues…evil know no bounds…Godless people will always create hell !!!

  8. Speaking from the uk, I don’t know much about American football (as it’s know here), but the news portrayed him as a very kind and generous guy, always helping those less fortunate. Hope he recovers fully and completely.

    1. I swear they were saying how awesome that TE Aaron murderer was before they found out he was a murderer… I know for facts MFers are out there trying to hurt people every play, and will celebrate that… Time to cancel football for good, if anyone really cares about player safety as this can happen any game, any play. It would be hypocritical to continue playing this sport everyone virtue signals about, only when it is convenient . Think of all the football players(99.09) who get hurt below the professional level. Kidds who will never make a dime playing football or have the exposure of being in NFL and having millions donated to you in one night—- the KIDS who sacrificed their bodies and their brains by going up against the bigger kids who end up going pro and don’t have to face the chance of injuries until they get into a big football college or the pros—in HS they were mauling people , none of those people will ever make a dime yet sacrificed their brains and bodies . Sure let’s just idolize the people making the money and get them even more money . If the NFL was actually serious about safety they’d show the world and mic up every player and anyone who celebrates an injury or talks like they want to hurt someone should immediately be k irked out of the league, there’s some terrible people in the NFL— plenty of good people, but also plenty of people and coaches who celebrate injuries —scum bags!

    2. @Michael agree … it’s is way beyond the time to talk about this … it should have been prevented.

    3. @L W it isn’t the time to speak the truth what killed him? 1000s of athletes are dropping dead in every country HS, college, pro in every sport!

  9. Well said Jeff.
    Thank you.
    Our prayers are with him and his family: immediate, local and global.

    1. kina virus released to fk up the elections…millions dead, billion+ with heart issues…evil know no bounds…Godless people will always create hell !!!

  10. Thank you, Jeff, I can tell your taking this hard as many are including me. Prayers for Demar and his family. TG for the medical staff on site

    1. How hard are you taking the millions of people all over the world that are mysteriously dropping like flies?

  11. Jeff is really the greatest dude around. Lets hope Hamlin can recover and the leagues can make this safer but still competitive and fair

  12. I remember this same thing happened to a hockey player at BYU about 10 years ago. He got hit in the chest with a puck and just dropped. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the medical staff onsite to treat him, so they just rushed him to the hospital but it was too late. It always seems so unreal when something like this happens. I’m glad the NFL was prepared for it, even though no one would ever expect it. If it saves even a single life, it’s worth the effort.

    1. These things happenned a lot in footballl in Europe since the jabs have been shoved down our throats. The most known case is Christian Eriksen during a European Championship game between Denmark and Finland in summer 21, he dropped “dead” on the field. Luckily the medical team did CPR, he had surgery during which he got an automated external defibrillator and a year later he returned to play football at the highest level at everyone’s surprise. Sergio Aguero had to retire early after his transfer to Barcelona, heart issues after his jabs…etc.

    2. @Osman Hadžalić there is no sudden increase in heart stops in european football, and eriksen did not get vaccinated.

    3. @stefan th so you haven’t noticed or you’re in denial about athletes young and old dropping like flies since the EXPERIMENT huh…

    4. @GenoXsir you suffer from a mental illness, you believe so confidently that you are correct when in reality you haven’t done an ounce of research or understand practically anything about vaccines.

  13. Great video Jeff! Living in Buffalo and being a Bills fan, Damar’s unfortunate accident really hit home on so many levels. The seriousness of the situation was on every players face. It was something I’ve never witnessed to that extreme before and like you said it played out in front of millions. They did a phenomenal job working on him and the care they used saved his life. The players on both teams, coaches, refs, and the fans in the stadium, blew me away. I can’t say enough good about how everyone that was there. I guess it kind of restores my faith in humanity. Thank you for doing this video, hopefully everyone that watches learns from it.

  14. This is a wonderful analysis and explanation of a terrible event. JC, thank you for using your healing skills for our benefit. You are helping us all.

  15. Jeff is the kind of dude who’d have made a great Army medic. Tough but compassionate.

    1. Luckily he was smarter than lending his talent to the military industrial complex. I say that as an Army veteran

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