Masturbation is KILLING Your Strength! (NEW RESEARCH)

Have you ever wondered whether masturbating before your workouts is helping or hurting your ability to build muscle? If so, then you’re definitely going to want to watch this video. Here, we are going to discuss how the timing of masturbating before your workout could potentially help or harm your efforts in the gym.

The last time that we discussed the topic of masturbation and working out, we covered the release of testosterone and its affect on muscle growth. We came to the conclusion that testosterone levels were negligibly affected by masturbation and that the act had little if not nothing to do with any increase or decrease in the ability to build muscle.

However, it was worth noting some of the other effects that masturbation has on an individual. It has been shown that masturbation to orgasm has a benefit to create a calming and relaxing sensation. Knowing this particular effect, it could be beneficial to partake prior to bedtime as it can lead to more relaxed and restful sleep. We know that sleep is one of the most important aspects of muscle growth and recovery, so it would make sense that if one were to participate in the act, that they should do so before going to sleep.

So, you might be thinking to yourself that case is closed right there; if you are going to masturbate, do it before you go to bed so that you can get better, more restful sleep to aid in your muscle recovery. Well, not so fast.

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Looking at relatively new research, science is pointing to the fact there is a release of cannabinoids post masturbating to orgasm. Specifically the endocannabinoid 2-arachidonoylglycerol, otherwise known as 2-AG. This ligand binds to the CB-2 receptor which then causes an elevation in overall mood as well as increase in pain threshold.

What does an improvement in mood and an elevated pain threshold have to do with working out and building muscle? Quite a bit actually! You might think that by boosting your mood and increasing your pain tolerance would be the ultimate pre-workout. However, it might depend on the type of training that you are going to be engaging in.

When it comes to building muscle, we know that there are three main drivers of hypertrophy – strength/tension overload, eccentric overload, and metabolic overload. Of those three drivers, eccentric and metabolic overload are the ones that incur the most discomfort when being performed. These two methods will be the ones where you feel the “burn” in your muscles as you reach failure and continue past that point.

So, if you are going to be training using one of these two methods, then a boost in calmness and relaxation as well as a higher pain threshold could likely lead you to squeeze out more reps in your workout that you might not have been able to achieve otherwise. In this case, I would say the masturbating prior to your workout might be something beneficial when it comes to building muscle.

On the other hand, what about if you were training for strength? How would masturbation affect your ability to move more weight? Well, this is where I would say that masturbation could be something that you want to avoid. Why? When you are working in the pursuit of strength and you are moving heavier loads, then your body wants to be excited, primed, and ready to exert maximal effort. This is why you will see strength athletes using smelling salts and loud music to get themselves psyched up to perform their next lift.

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So, should you masturbate prior to working out? Well, that depends on what your going to be doing in that specific workout. Lots of metabolic and eccentric focused efforts would lead me to say that it might be helpful in getting you through the toughest sets. But if you are looking to be moving maximum weight, I would advise against it as a “relaxation” could mean that you’re not primed for the lift.

This really is a situation where it is up to the individual.

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68 thoughts on “Masturbation is KILLING Your Strength! (NEW RESEARCH)

    • Charles Brown says:

      @Buster of course. It’s a funny subject but there is a serious reason why boxers/fighters don’t have sex for a couple of months before a big fight, this has been well know for years. In my own experience, having been weight lifting for years, if I knock one out before I life I am definitely weaker. That was replied to the wrong person.

  1. The Butcher says:

    I cannot believe the level of maturity Jesse has now. He pretty much kept a straight face The whole video

  2. Trevor Onzures says:

    I’d really be interested in taking a look at the studies you guys pulled from. Love when you guys pull from studies to give info.

  3. TheReincarnatedDeath says:

    “Excitement, that’s why heavy metal exists!” A BIG reason indeed! Thanks for nailing this part! Maybe a workout stimulation music topic is an idea for a future video.

  4. Aaron G says:

    I have been using by the body as a test and the semen retention has given me massive energy and motivation. I played professional basketball overseas and I could tell a decrease in my vertical and my foot speed after masturbating the night before. not to mention either for pheromones or whatever other reason my wife has gotten way hornier and wanting to have sex more often when I’m in semen retention and reject sex

    • Aaron G says:

      I guess it’s true women don’t like rejection or being ignored to the point where it makes them go crazy

    • SBC Burgos says:

      I find it extremely hard to do retention over 4 days…the overload starts asking for release. All this talk already makes me weak, even before doing it

    • SBC Burgos says:

      The longest I ever went on retention mode was 70 days…that was insane! I have not been able to come anywhere near that again

    • FEPE The Penguin says:

      I been doing Retention for years. Even when I have sex with my lady
      .. we go for hours .. she gets to O as many times as possible. But I believe woman can benefit
      Transmute that sexual energy with breath and move it up your spine.

      Only a few times per year, do I release

  5. J H says:

    Papa Huberman isn’t a fan of it , especially when associated with porn, and in high frequency. There IS a difference between masturbation with and without the visual stimulus of pornography, too, by the way. Another interesting variable…Great video Jeff.

  6. Neilson Washington says:

    I’m glad to see you guys hitting this topic. I’ve always been the skinny guy growing up and struggled to put on any mass, even being on mass gainers. I stumbled upon a book about semen retention from Mantak Chia and this changed everything for me, it explains how much your body puts out just to replace all the semen you lose through playing with yourself too much which is basically throwing away all the nutrients needed to create life. When I started the retention, I noticed a huge boost in energy after a week or so, and I’m finally seeing results in gaining muscle mass as well.
    I think every man should do research into and try out semen retention for themselves…

  7. IBPROFIN NOPE says:

    I have done tons of research and I believe this to be true, except for my right forearm, for some reason it’s strength has increased 10 fold over all of my other muscles.

    • makkerskilap says:

      Funny enough, I have the exact same problem, although with my left arm! We should fuse our body together and the world is at our feet.

    • Mark says:

      I used my right mostly during my teen years. The past few years of working out on and off, my left arm typically fails first than my right, which made get more gains than my right.

  8. Dwoprus says:

    I do feel more motivated overall for my workouts when I abstain from it for long periods of time, for one. Either way not doing it definitely helps build your level of discipline overall so you don’t get burned out from going to the gym and doing other important things in your life.

    • The Fizzlee NL says:

      But sience tells us to atleast blow our load 23 times a month to lower the risk of testicular cancer, so I’ll just follow the sience

    • Κώστας Ⲇικέφαλαιος says:

      @The Fizzlee NL That is a single study and not only that, that conclusion is out of context. The study compares frequently doing it for men 60 years or older and younger. The Prostate cancer risk gets microscopically smaller for the older group if they frequent it, for the younger group it was the opposite.

      There are tons of studies proving the harmful effects adult content has on the body and psyche though.

  9. Deadeye airsofter says:

    Coming from someone who has gone down the road of porn addiction and recovery, I highly caution anyone against regular masturbation. While the benefits stated here may be good and studies are showing benefits, the long term effect of regular masturbation through porn has also shown severe effects on the brain, specifically the male brain. Andrew Huberman, who I know Jeff has stated he likes and respects before, has a ton of information available on this topic and I encourage everyone to go watch those and just weigh the pros and cons using the information here and the information in Andrew’s videos. A great one to start with is Andrew Huberman – How **** Addiction Destroy’s Men’s brains. No hate toward Jeff here, love most of everything he teaches and does, just trying to share my side.

  10. EquiNoctis says:

    Thanks for covering the science behind this. I now understand how I’ve been able to make some forearm gains lately

  11. Kirkendauhl says:

    I want Jeff to cover the mentality of this subject with science on the back burner. People lean into vices a lot and you can lose your drive if you delve into them too much, *especially* ones that release a feeling of tranquility and relaxation seemingly on demand.

    Why do you think people get bored of their favorite shows? Why do people begin to lose interest in a game they haven’t even beaten yet? Aren’t those meant to be relaxing hobbies that make us happy?

    The subject can be complicated, especially when more people discuss it at once. I want the more abstract side of physical wellbeing to be discussed.

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