Creatine EXPLAINED 🔬

Most of us have been told how great creatine is, but how does creatine work? What are the creatine benefits and what can you expect before and after taking creatine? Well, it’s not “magic” and it won’t instantly boost strength and size, but it can give you that extra boost in the gym. Here's everything you need to know about creatine monohydrate and how to explain creatine for beginners. #shorts #shortsfeed #shortsvideo #shortsyoutube

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33 thoughts on “Creatine EXPLAINED 🔬

  1. Espion Rouge says:

    Aye man I really appreciate how informative the video and your content is but I got a question in my mind: Am I missing out on a ton of gains if i don’t use creatine? Have a nice day man

  2. NotoriousOsc16 says:

    What about the links to hair loss? Huberman Lab said there’s data that links creatine to hair loss.

    • Michael C. says:

      From what I’ve read online based on the research, it’s purely genetic. If any of your family members are going bald or experiencing hair loss, you may or may not have the genetic trait that causes it. Long story short, it’s a myth.

  3. Primitive Futurologist says:

    Why on earth would you dry scoop? Does creating have any benefit when inhaled? I want credit for any scientific study -reformed.

  4. neil watson says:

    I’ve tried it so many times and each time I get constipated even though I drink 2 litres plus water a day

    • Alejandro Gonzalez says:

      Try out the creatine monohydrate micronized. I have yet to try out the creatine monohydrate so I can’t say what better however I think it was easy on my stomach

    • Michael C. says:

      Creatine effects everyone differently but usually when you do the loading phase, it may cause bloating to the body. Be sure to drink plenty of water, since in order for your muscles to be saturated with creatine, you need to be drinking more water then usual. I’d say close to or 1 gal of water a day. I normally fall under a gallon but i think 80oz is enough to stay hydrated and will help with bloating during the loading phase.

  5. FSOCIETYTSX says:

    If two people trained the same, one with creatine and one without. How far ahead would the creatine put the person vs the other?

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