12 Supersets EVERYONE Should Have in Their Programs!

Supersets can be amazing for increasing muscle size if you choose the right ones. In this video, I’m going to show you the 12 greatest supersets that everyone should have in their programs if they want to get their best results from their workouts.

It helps to define exactly what a superset is (and what it is not). By definition, it is a pair of exercises done back to back with minimal to no rest in between. The time it takes to transition between one exercise and the next is all that is allowed. This brings to the forefront an important idea when it comes to putting these combinations together. That is, they must be exercises that allow you to transition quickly and not take up too much time or equipment in the gym to do them.

All it takes is a busy gym to interrupt your ability to do a superset that requires you to occupy a bench and a pullup bar for example. Leave the bench to run over to the pullup bar and you very well could lose your spot and have throw that superset out in regards to its effectiveness.

All of the ones here were carefully put together with these limitations in mind.

Now, there is no definitive rule that states that all supersets must pair up opposing muscle groups. This is a common misconception. You can place agonist or antagonist muscles back to back in any superset and get very different but equally effective results. As you’ll see, you can also pair up exercises that serve to either enhance the performance of the second in the pair (via a pre-exhaust) or via a restorative effect that accelerates recovery of the first exercise.

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With that said, here is a quick summary of the 12 supersets that everyone should have in their program if they want to see their best overall results. Be sure to watch the whole video for why each exercise was selected in each pairing.

1. DB Static Bench Press into DB Gorilla Rows

2. Wrap Around Rows into Cable Crossovers

3. Cable Curls into Standing Overhead Cable Extensions

4. Lying Incline Triceps Extensions into DB Spider Curls

5. DB Reverse Lunges into DB RDL’s

6. DB Overhead Press into DB Hip Huggers

7. DB “L” Raises into DB Overhead Press

8. Seated Knee Tucks into Reverse Hyperextensions

9. Barbell Squats into Dead Arm Hangs

10. DB Incline Bench Press into Chest Supported Rows

11. Straight Arm Pushdowns into Face Pulls

12. DB Spanish Squats into Banded Kneeling Hip Thrusts

Each of these supersets accomplishes the main goals of being both time and space efficient. If you want to perform these right for maximum muscle growth and effectiveness, you have to be able to choose the exercises that are best. I’ve done the work for you, now you just have to go out and do them.

Supersets are easily able to be incorporated into any training program, if you happen to not be doing any of them at the moment. Even if you’re following a push pull legs split (PPL) where you are training all pushing or pulling muscles in the same workout. You just wouldn’t opt for the antagonist supersets like chest and back exercises. You would instead aim for something like the shoulder examples shown here, where back to back shoulder exercises are used to help you to increase the intensity of each.

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If you are already including supersets in your workout program then you may want to revisit how they look in comparison to the ones shown here. Again, even the shortest delay in moving from the first to the second exercise in the pair can compromise the effect of what you are trying to accomplish in the first place. These have built-in efficacy because of the selections and are something you will definitely want to try the next time you train.

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  1. ATHLEAN-X™ says:

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    • Mike O. says:

      Time to upgrade those horrible shoes!! Your shoes are causing leaks in your kinetic chain. Barefoot shoes!!

    • iamGatsby says:


  2. InStrong Workout says:

    *Thanks for your work Jeff! Working out with you for about a year now also started making home workou videos because you motivated me so much that i deicded to try so thank you for halping to find my passion!*

  3. Joseph Gallegos says:

    Awesome! I’m definitely giving this a try. My small town only has a few gym options and typically if you don’t go early in the mornings it’s a struggle trying to get your complete workout in. People everywhere so it’s hard going back and forth between the dumbell rack and cable machine. Lol the struggle is real and this video just gave a realistic and very helpful approach to counteract someone taking over equipment. Thanks Jeff!

  4. Spork & Findus says:

    I love this. It’s so important to be efficient and considerate in the gym, and this is the way to fit supersets into that ideal.

    • Kenan Turkiye says:

      I’m kind of chasing fatigue efficiency, the less fatigue I get from changing from exercises, setting up, changing places etc the more hypertrophy I am getting because I give more to the exercises I choose to do.

  5. Johnny Yukon says:

    one of the best workouts for me. I have worked out for years, and now find myself recovering from a stroke. These exercises will suit me just fine. Thanks Jeff!

  6. Scotty g says:

    Wow this is a great video because I enjoy doing supersets mainly on most upper-body days I don’t really do it for lower-body but I like the lunge RDL variation. And I try to be courteous to my fellow gym members so I like the idea of not having to use too much equipment.
    Excellent video thank you!

    • Yunus says:

      If you have the time for it dont do supersets they are inferior to straight sets with adequatr rest in between them

    • Scotty g says:

      That all depends on your goals if it’s pure strength and yes you are right straight sets are better. But I’ll give up a little bit of strength to save time.

    • Scotty g says:

      Well I’m not sure what your background is but people who have an extensive background Jeff cavaliere dr. Andy Galpin and many others know what the hell they’re talking about I don’t know if you know what the hell you’re talkin about so don’t worry about what other do
      Just concentrate on yourself! And by the way I built up quite a bit of muscle doing supersets and they work for me! If you don’t want to do them then don’t f****** do them!

  7. Susan Slattery says:

    Well, man, I don’t have a cable crossover machine in my living room. But I am inspired by a lot of these combos. I like the first two and the abs/back one, and really all the bench based ones. I do have a weight bench. My heaviest dumbells are only 15 pounds, but I have heavier kettlebells. I will try superset one and the ab/back one on Tuesday, which is my next scheduled day. I have been looking for something to add to my existing workouts. Like another workout. I alternate between two different workouts from the Men’s Health Big Book of Exercises, and after each workout I do monster walks with a band, split jumps, jump knee tucks and box jumps (20 inches). I’m a middle aged (58) year old woman, and while I have been a member over the years at various gyms, I really prefer to train in the privacy of my home, where I don’t have to wait for a treadmill or a bench. I also strap on a 20 lb. TRX vest and hoof it outside for 6 miles every. single. day.

  8. Skiit Fiit says:

    I’ll have to try some of these out now! My favorite for a PPL split are dips + spider crawls, barbell curls + 45° hyperextensions, reverse lunges + adductor machine, and anything + abs

  9. Derg Enterprises says:

    I’ve been doing skull crushers like you showed Jeff and my triceps have grown quicker than any other muscle has. In less than a couple of months, I went from 15 lbs to 65 lbs. Thanks Jeff.

  10. matt g says:

    Jeff, in my gym sometimes getting on an equipment can be hard at peak times so making the most out of my workout is time efficient and restful to other gym goers. I paired set of Face pull with tricep extentions it felt good at the time. Should i keep doing this or is it a bad pairing.

  11. Alonso Hidalgo says:

    Thanks for the info! I’m actually starting to do supersets on my workouts because of the short time I have to do it. This is really helpful.

  12. mcpartridgeboy says:

    Wow, Lunges into deadlifts sounds brutal af, im going to give that a go tommorow. Im also going to do the shoulder press superset too.

  13. Num Num says:

    Push (Chest, Shoulder), Pull (Back)
    0:35 DB Static Bench Press – 1:03 DB Gorilla Row
    1:30 Wrap Around Row – 2:01 Cable Crossover
    6:04 DB Overhead Press – 6:27 DB Hip Huggers
    7:10 DB “L” Raise – 7:35 DB Overhead Press
    10:25 DB Incline Bench Press – 10:55 Chest Supported Row
    11:30 Straight Arm Pushdown – 11:55 Face Pull

    2:35 Cable Curl – 3:00 Standing Overhead Cable Extension
    3:40 Lying Incline Triceps Extension – 3:56 DB Spider Curl

    4:50 DB Reverse Lunges – 5:20 DB RDL’s
    9:20 Barbell Squat – 9:35 Dead Arm Hang
    12:33 DB Spanish Squat – 13:00 Banded Kneeling Hip Thrust

    8:21 Seated Knee Tucks – 8:45 Reverse Hyperextension

  14. Pacuta says:

    SO much to learn from here, thank you for another great video Jeff. Gonna study this tomorrow before my workout.

  15. Cyndi Manka says:

    I’m 64. Been on the longest exercise span ever. I’m on month 3. I can do 20 sit ups no problem. This is along with butt lifts with 15+pounds on my abdomen. Weights. Leg lifts with ankle weights squats etc. I hope I can keep it up. I hate it when I lose motivation

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