In this video, I planned an epic Valentine's Day prank on my wife that went hilariously wrong! I thought I had everything under control, but unexpected events, including the aftermath of an ice storm and heavy traffic, threw a wrench in my plans. Watch as I struggle to salvage the prank and make things right with my wife.

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9 thoughts on “EPIC Valentine’s Day Prank on My Wife Goes Hilariously WRONG!”
  1. She’s so beautiful and patient. She didn’t go off ranting she kept her respect for herself and her husband! Great channel !

  2. Not trying to be mean, but that was FUNNY!!!! To see your wife pout was hilarious…. Glad you made her happy at the end my friend…. Happy wife=Happy life! 😉

  3. Brother Bully, you had me rolling man…trying to explain and sell the idea that it’s a good gift for her…lol. This was a good laugh. Much love for you and your family! God bless you and thanks for sharing

  4. Simple and harmless prank. I love seeing a glimpse of you with your family. im looking forward to more of these

  5. *1:52:11** Let’s simply take a minute to congratulate how much time and passion was placed on this vids?*
    *It’s incredible, and I think they justify much more than that.*

  6. Omg I LOVE pranks like this! Simple and harmless That made me smile! Thanks for this postive dude. Bro i’ll never get tired saying thank you for motiating me and heping me to find my passion in making workout videos!

  7. She dropped it like she ain’t care about it at all. She definitely seemed rattled on the inside, but calm as can be on the outside.

  8. We need more of this! Not necessarily pranks but seeing more of your day to day with your family! Loved it!

  9. this made me laugh,best cuople on the internet ive ever seen,God bless you all with many more days

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