I used an EMG machine to find out what glute exercises best target the lower glutes, upper glutes, and glute medius. Here are the results and here is a sample glute workout you can get started with right away.

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11 thoughts on “UNLOCK Glutes Growth: Top 3 Exercises”
    1. @Tavish Finnegan DeGroot what do you mean? Instead of barbell, you keep dumbells on your hip crease and you do the same exercise. Of course doing with dumbells underestimates the workout because with barbell you can load heavier. But not all of us are going to gym so we resort to dumbells instead

  1. *”Glutes are your Triceps,*
    *Quads are your Biceps,*
    *And Calves are your Forearms.”*

    1. Wrong. Quads are your triceps. Hamstrings are your biceps. Glutes are your shoulders.

  2. I saw the complete video before. I’m happy that now you posted a short will the conclusions so easy to understand

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