If you want to know the fastest way to get lean and aren't quite sure where to start, you're going to want to watch this video. Here I'm going to show you the exact steps you are to follow if you want to drop your body fat percentage down from even the upper 30's down to single digits. We are going to cover both the training and nutrition details that are necessary in order to lose body fat the quickest.

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The best way for you to use this video is to identify the body fat percentage bracket where you are right now and watch the tips given for dropping down into the next lower bracket. Also, you will want to watch the bracket immediately above you too. This will show you the techniques that you need to employ in order to prevent rising above the body fat levels you are at right now.

With that said, we start at the top, in the upper 30 percent bf percentage. Without knowing the specific individual it is possible to make some generalized assessments of what may be contributing to their higher body fat levels. They likely are not physically active, or if so, are not doing it with any consistency or with enough effort to cause a change. They likely also eat and drink whatever they want, when they want.

The first thing that should happen is zone 2 cardio should be implemented. This can be something as simple as walking which can be done at a higher intensity level so as to cause breathlessness but not prevent you from carrying on a conversation. Three times per week for 30 minutes is a great place to start.

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Reducing alcohol intake should be a main target here. These easy to dump calories will go a long way towards effective weight loss. Aim for cutting consumption and frequency to half the levels they are right now.

Lastly, without making any changes to the foods you are eating, simply change the number of times you eat and eat on the clock – every 2 and a half to 3 hours. This is called prescriptive eating. There is an entire video on how to do this exactly that I linked at the end of this video.

To drop from the low 30 percent body fat range to the upper 20's you are going to have to increase your conditioning to 45-60 minute sessions, at that same 3 times per week frequency. Here however, the big recommended change is the incorporation of strength training or weight training 2 times per week. This is the point where you have to decide whether you just want to lose weight and become "skinny fat" or create noticeable physique changes.

The workouts will not just make a visual impact, but in doing them, you'll assist your body's metabolism in being able to burn more calories at rest. This will make additional weight loss more effortless. Two total body workouts per week will get the job done (the A and B workouts from the Perfect Beginner Workout are great options).

The diet needs refinement to cut back additionally on the alcohol and to remove the obvious garbage foods from your diet. These include sweets, cakes, fried foods, desserts, etc

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Increased fiber and protein in the diet should be your main goal here as they will further improve satiety and portion control, building off the effects of the timed eating in the first step.

To move down into the low twenties you'll need to increase your strength training to 3 times per week to further support your muscle building efforts. To accommodate for the increase in training, you can drop your cardio sessions to 2 times per week, but make sure they are for 60 minutes each.

Additional meal refinement should take place here, with condiments, dressings and food prep as your main areas to target. The plate division method is something that helps you immensely and can be found here for more details – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJ0QXCTqjUs

To move from the high teens in body fat percentage to the low teens, the focus is going to continue to be twofold. First, the strength training should become a huge staple of your training and should now occupy 4-5 times per week. The type of split you do here can vary greatly. For help on how to choose the best split watch this video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDWyqnGhmWY

You should at this point be sure that your conditioning includes HIIT training as well. You can cut back to 1-2 60 minute LISS sessions to accommodate if time crunched.

Nutrition is going to be the main difference maker as always. Be sure you're ingesting enough high quality protein. Premium protein powders like PRO-30G come in very handy here. Cheat foods need to replace cheat meals as consistency becomes the rule of the day with your eating.

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    1. I really enjoyed Beaxst PPL. Looking forward to doing again in the near future.

  2. Tips

    1. Eat foods that grow
    2. Move often
    3. Get enough rest
    4. Set small goals
    5. Avoid the next great fix
    6. Hydrate
    7. Eat slow
    8. Pick up a weight
    9. Avoid “its only one donut” thinking
    10. Give yourself grace

    1. 1. Cows grow
      2. I move my arms
      3. I like sleep
      4. No
      5. No
      6. Yes
      7. No
      8. No
      9. No
      10. I’m not religious

  3. For me, this is one of Jeff’s most motivational videos. listening to him, you start to believe you can reach the goal that’s always eluded you

    1. The biggest point to me, because he’s said the rest of all this before, was pointing out the obvious yet often forgotten “anybody who looks like this had to look like all of these to get there.”

    2. Everybody judges him but you don’t look like him he’s trying to help the regular ppl give him some slack he’s great not selling u a ton of products ❤

  4. I started training in November ’22 and work out up to 6 times a week. I used Jeff’s videos along with others and I lost over 16 kilos (or 35 lb) already. I started cutting at the first 4 months, then went neutral on my diet and kept working out. Now I started cutting again. My body fat went from 28% to 19.2% today. I also gained muscles, not that many as in Bulk, but enough to become slightly bigger, and definitive better fysique. Its a long term plan, to get leaner and getting more muscles. I keeping track on my diet everyday, keep enough sleep, and work out up to 6 times a week. I am very proud on what I managed so far, but I want to thank Jeff for his inspiring video’s, tips and tricks. I am still going strong! Greetings from the Netherlands

    1. I’d say 5 times a week working out is better than 6. Go harder if needed but have 2 rest days!

    2. @Simply The Best I have a split workout plan. Training 3 days followed by a rest day. My health is most important. If I feel tired, I skip gym. Overtraining is a risk and easly be ignored. Listning to your body is very important.

  5. I really like the way this video is organized by where someone’s body is at in their journey. I’d love to see more content like it. Thank you!

    1. This video has got me pretty pumped. I’ve been stuck in a bad rut the last year, ready to get something going.

    2. It’s refreshing to see him lay it out in a reasonable way lol. Little goals and taking it one step at a time!

  6. I love following this channel. Can’t argue with his success. For me, it took a ketovore approach to nutrition, then carnivore. I use primarily body weight and bands for 150-200’/wk. plus 20 -40miles biking/wk. My wife and I walk 30-45’ 4-5x/wk. I’m down to the low teens body fat. Plus I’ve gotten rid of arthritis and eczema on this regime. I’ll turn 78 in 2days.

  7. I can’t walk for 30 minutes so I do two 15 Minute walks each day and overall increasing my activity level. At age 52 with disablities its not easy. I appricate all this straightforward and honest advice. Love this channel! Getting there little by little.

    1. my shin starts to hurt like hell after a while, it fucking sucks because sometimes I have to sit down and wait till it passes so I can finally go back to walk/run

    2. @Gustavo Costa thought about buying an exercise bike? Very low impact cardio, so many second hand cheap ones out there on ebay etc, I bought one for £30 and it just lives outside in all weathers….slow steady rate cardio adding minutes week by week is the way to go.

    3. I’m 43 and used to have issues walking after I broke both my legs and then I got really bad Shin splints. One thing that may help is a low-impact exercise. Exercise bike moderate rowing xcetera. Pretty much anything that can get your heart rate up

    4. get yourself some eggweights and do shadow boxing while sitting down. good way to get in some extra cardio!

  8. I’m 53, I’ve been working out regularly since I was 16. My routine has changed dramatically over the years with the most important takeaway being: You don’t have to do nearly as much as most people think to get and stay fit. (It’s mostly diet.)

    Based on the pictures in Jeff’s video, my bodyfat is mid teens, I exercise 1 day on, 2 days off (been doing that for at least a decade), and for years now I’ve only been doing one session of squats, bench, deadlifts, bies/tries per MONTH (and only a couple “working sets” within those sessions.) The other exercise sessions consist of 12 sets (total) of different bodyweight exercises.

    I doubt Jeff will see this, but I’d be happy to share any information he’s interested in (I have decades of tracking.) I don’t believe this is a genetic thing, I believe it is 90%+ a DIET thing. I can tell you exactly what I ate yesterday, last week, last month, even last decade. Calories per day average 2,200, almost ZERO processed food…no sodas, no booze (quite drinking alcohol in 1991), nearly every ounce of food is organic and “whole” (eggs, blueberries, quinoa, broccoli, chicken, hamburger, etc), and the food is prepared at home.

    Summary: 53 years old, height is 5’5″, AM weight fluctuates between 140 – 144, mid teens bodyfat on 10 workouts total per month, nearly all of them take less than 30 minutes, only 4 of them are “free weight” workouts (1 is squat day, 1 is chest day, 1 is deadlift day, 1 is biceps/triceps). Sometimes I get on the treadmill, but not often. …Just throwing this out there.

    1. Hey bro I’m 47 mid teens body fat ,lean do calisthenics,mixed with weights every 2 days.I work a very physical job ,and found that 1 day on 2 days off to be good as I’ve got older recovery slower but continue to gain and get very vascular.

    2. I truly believe genetics has a ton to do with it. Not that you can’t do it, but it’s harder for certified people.

    3. @james thetruth Agree, the truth is some people just hold bodyfat more than others, I’m lucky at 15%, I know guys at work who eat far far less than me and are double that and walk ten miles a day…

    4. ​@james thetruth It’s true that some people are genetic freaks, but I’m not one of them. I’ve uploaded a picture of me at 28 Vs 45. (Look at the difference in body fat). At age 28, I’d already been exercising regularly for 12 years and I really thought I was eating “healthy” (hell, I was eating “Healthy Choice” frozen dinners…it said “Healthy” right on the package!), but I had no idea how packed with crap the average / packaged / fast-food / standard diet was. (And it’s worse 25 years later).

      I don’t deny that a person’s default genetic settings play a role, but epigenetics is what people should focus on. (Figuring out specifically how their body responds to different dietary habits…what they should and shouldn’t be eating / drinking / taking (like all the RX drugs people are on these days).

      I might do a video that goes over my exact diet and exercise routine…at least with the info posted, anyone who’s up for it could try and “know” its effect on their body composition. https://youtu.be/PPaSeEukOnQ

    5. The years 53 years goodthink for abdominal pack important yard for study not have 20% in body fat this reminder for remedy most people. Then smart be years not have fatty acid.

  9. Been watching this channel for years and still learn new things. Thank you for all the free advice over the years Jeff and team, many routines I learned from this channel years ago are still in rotation at the gym. For anyone starting out or getting back into the gym, this channel is amazing resource

  10. Great outline on staying on a realistic path. Knowing where you are and evaluating the next step and next level of discipline are critical. Achieving realistic moves incentivises continued work to the goal. Thanks for video!

  11. Your advice and motivation has changed my life and mindset. I’m 44 years old old and in 6 months went 30’s to low 20’s. I love how I feel and look and I’m still going!!! Thank you Jeff!!!!

  12. exactly what happened to me, started my journey from 20.5 and got to13 in a blink of an eye, enjoyed every day of training and every progress I made. I got absolutely stuck at 13. At that point I really had to step up my nutrition game, actually counting calories and healthier diet in general. Thanks a lot by the way, your channel for sure had an impact on my decision to be in shape

  13. On 15% fat now! 46 years old and started training about four months ago. Started focusing more on my belly since a month and a half. I don’t need to get under 10%, but in between 10 and 15% is fine by me. I got further then I ever thought possible! I came from 24% fat! Walking in between 15 to 25km per day. Feeling better then ever!

  14. This is an EXCEPTIONALLY well layer out video and worth a watch. Nicely done as always.

  15. Your 100 ab workout from a month ago was a huge push in the right direction for me. I’d been stuck around 18-19% body fat & when I added in the 100 Ab workout, I dropped in a month to 16%. I was doing a kettlebell endurance program during that time, but I had about 2 months on it before with no real change. I probably did the ab workout 3-4x a week with other the same program, more as a finisher & push thru those 100 reps. They’re getting easier to do in a shorter time, but still brutal. But its the extra burn I need apparantly! Thanks again.

  16. This has to be one of the best health videos. He’s so in touch with human behaviour. Everything he said is relatable. And he breaks down all so simple realistic.

  17. Thanks for that video. It’s really great and you point out the most important thing. It’s always work in progress and must go through all of the stages. I am currently around 18-20. have been at 15 but felt the most weak at that point. I am struggling to get to the low double digits. I don’t do any cheap meals, no sugar, no alcohol and only organic food and 5 times a week workout. I am doing that consistently for years and not planing to change. Apart from the body it’s the feeling it gives me. I am in my mid 40s and feel more fit than ever before. Maybe the key would be more cardio but I feel that would consume too much time

  18. Thank you Jeff, your guidance helped me get to the low teens of bodyfat and visualize abs for the first time in my life. Your advice is common sense + scientific backing.

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