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تمارين تصغير وشد الافخاذ الأمامي ٢سم خلال أسبوع|THIGH WORKOUT

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Full Chest and Back Workout for Max Muscle (HIGH INTENSITY!)

If you ever wondered what a full chest and back workout could look like if you traded in volume for intensity, this is it. Jeff Cavaliere takes you through a complete workout for chest and back that will help you to build max muscle in as little as 30 minutes. This is an example of […]

ROUNDER GLUTES: 5 Mistakes Keeping Your Butt Flat

Wondering how to get a round butt? For most men and women, round, firm glutes are seen as more attractive than having a flat, pancake butt. A nice-looking butt isn’t just important for turning heads though. The glutes are a key muscle for athletic performance and keeping them strong can also go a long way […]

30 MIN NO STANDING ABS, BUTT & INNER THIGH WORKOUT – No Repeats Lower Body Floor Workout + Dumbbells

You ready for this 30 minute no standing abs, butt & inner thigh workout?! We've got a lower body floor workout with dumbbells and there are also no repeats in this entire workout. With no standing, we target your abs, butt & inner thighs. For this floor workout grab some dumbbells and let's shape all […]