Top 5 Bodyweight Exercise MISTAKES – (STOP Doing These – Build Muscle!!)

Where bodyweight training equals beast training – People that say you can't build muscle with bodyweight exercises are either not using the right exercises or are using the wrong bodyweight workout. In this video, I'll show you 5 of the biggest mistakes you can make with bodyweight training and exercises and more importantly, how you […]

Best Shoulder Exercises for Building Muscle Mass w/ NPC Super Heavyweight, Carlos Davito

Watch NPC Super Heavyweight, Carlos Davito, Do a Shoulder Workout w/ Proper Form for Building Massive Muscle Mass.

Muscle Soreness Explained (IS IT GOOD?)

Build your body with science here – Subscribe to this channel here – Muscle soreness and delayed onset muscle soreness from working out is one of the most misunderstood and debated elements of training. Are you supposed to be sore after your workouts or is it something that is getting in the way of your […]

5 Huge Workout Cheats (WHY YOU CAN’T BUILD MUSCLE!)

Stop cheating yourself out of muscle gains here… If you find that you either can’t build muscle or are just having a hard time adding muscle size, it could be the way you’re working out that is the problem. Far too often, guys will lean on the advice of lifting weight as heavy as possible […]

High Reps Don’t Build Muscle? @hodgetwins

Yeah, it’s clean tank tops. It’s clean. Forgot the title. Email. title is, he were to say accident an email, right? This was a comment. Somebody left. Oh yeah, it’s, do was critique in one of our workouts. He said high reps don’t build muscle. Right. I even took a shot at, you did 20 […]

Proven Way to BUILD MUSCLE Faster (SCIENCE)

What’s up guys. Jeff here, today I’m going to give you a scientifically proven way to increase the size of your muscles at a faster rate. And that is by lifting your weights faster. I want you to lift them like this. You’re probably saying, Jeff, you’re really not moving the weights fast. So […]

What Other Trainers Will Not Tell You: Building Huge Quads. Leg Press Done Right.

Moji & The Miami Muscle Team What’s up guys. Lots of people always ask me to make videos on chest, shoulders traps back, you name it, and I always tell them that those videos have already been done in the much more better format, better than the ones you see on my youtube channel. The […]

3 Exercises to get a NICE Muscular Butt FAST

So you want some big strong glutes, Huh? Well, you’re in the right place. I’m going to show you exactly how to achieve that pretty damn fast. What’s going on guys? Welcome back to my channel. It’s Brett Maverick here. I hope you all are having an awesome day so far. So a lot of […]

How to Build Your Upper Chest (NO FLYS | NO PRESSES!)

Get ripped and jacked in 90 days – Subscribe to this channel here – If you want to build your upper chest and traditional chest exercises like incline bench press and incline flys are too uncomfortable because of a shoulder injury, then this video is going to be extremely helpful. In fact, even if you […]