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DUMBBELL LEG WORKOUT FINISHED WITH 4 MIN TABATA | super sweaty cellulite workout

My current favourite Leg routine. Do this workout at least once a week and I can guarantee amazing results. I recommend you train legs 2x a week. So for a second workout try this one! You can use some weights or even you can add extra resistance and use an HMH BOOTY BAND. BUT DON'T […]

30-min INNER & OUTER Thigh home workout (no equipment)

A new at home 30-minute inner and outer thigh workout at tone, sculpt, and lean out the thighs to feel stronger!! No equipment today. Just a nice burn to help sculpt your legs! #homeworkout #innerouterthighs #withme FREE Postpartum Programs at my website www.FitnessforMamas.org ♡ BEGINNERS: 12-Week Pelvic Floor eBook Program ♡ INTERMEDIATE: Workout Calendar Program […]

Chest Workout – Bodyweight Exercises | “Brazilian Blue”

EXERCISES [ intermediate level ] : 1) Wide Push-up to Diamond 3×10 2) Cobra Push-up 3×10 3) Elevated Push-up Twists 3×8 (each side) 4) Elevated Controlled Push-up Variation 3×12 5) Single Arm Elevated Push-ups 3×12 (each side) 6) Kettlebell Push-ups 3×15 – Follow Workouts Nation on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/workouts.nation/ – All credits to Lucas "Brazilian Blue" […]