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Get Abs in 30 DAYS | 6 Pack Workout Challenge

DAILY DIET GUIDE: https://bit.ly/3qwI9ok ———————————- 1 on 1 Personal Training: https://bit.ly/3Jjb2du 4-8 Week Push-up Progression Training Program: https://bit.ly/3Cea5Ql 8-16 Week Gym Training Program: https://bit.ly/3z81HQF YOGA Mats: https://bit.ly/3AdcnPi ——————————— https://linktr.ee/Bullyjuice DAY 1: 1ST- https://youtu.be/pTTRsWkdyvk DAY 2: 1ST- https://youtu.be/A0BhN-HAkt8 DAY 3: 1ST- https://youtu.be/Fw1xXBjFMAo DAY 4: 1ST- https://youtu.be/OuuHtV0l9P0 DAY 5: 1ST- https://youtu.be/ojs-UW8ULhs DAY 6: 1ST- https://youtu.be/qgjdta2jyxw 2ND- https://youtu.be/SGGFhEpAkPw […]


LETS BURN SOME CALORIES AND TONE THAT MIDSECTION all while standing up! I didn't even need to use my YOGA MAT for this one! ———————————- 4-8 Week Push-up Progression Training Program: https://gymoclockfitness.com/collections/all-workout-programs/products/4-8-week-push-up-progression-training-program 8-16 Week Gym Training Program: https://gymoclockfitness.com/products/8-week-training-program-push-pull-legs-phase1-4 YOGA Mats: https://gymoclockfitness.com/collections/accessories/products/nbr-yoga-mat Sunday Live sessions!!!! Become a member!!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK9JEqf7LBBx3tkrPx2xvbQ/join https://gymoclockfitness.com/ ——————————— #abs #absworkout #gymoclockfitness Many of […]

Get Abs in 4 WEEKS | Abs Workout Challenge

To develop a truly impressive Sixpack, you will want to train your abs frequently and from a whole range of perspectives. You see, the core is generally made up of four key components. Namely – the rectus abdominus (6pack / lower abs), obliques, the serratus anterior, and the transverse abdominus (inner abs). With this challenge […]

7 Minute Home Abs Workout (6 PACK GUARANTEED!)

Get ready for one of the best Home Ab Workouts of your LIFE! Let's do this! A full advanced ab workout that you can do anytime during the day, even first thing in the morning! If you don't have an exercise ball do not worry! You can use any ball you have around your house […]


If you want to lose weight, DO THIS WORKOUT EVERY DAY! All of these exercises in this video are FAT SHREDDERS that will melt away those love handles and belly fat! Ultimately HITT cardio is one of the best ways to burn hundred's of calories in a short amount of time. Fat loss is not […]