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Full Back / Biceps Workout #Shorts

In this short video I go over one of my full back and bicep workouts. These are the exercises I'm including in my new back and bicep workout day. Hope you enjoy! #shorts Instagram at Ninja Prodigy TikTok at ninja.prodigy

Pull Day | Back And Biceps Workout | Gym Vlog

WHAT IS UP IT’S YA BOY RJAY!!!! Thanks for watching the video ! SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON! AND DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE!!!!🔥 -I want to think everybody who has continued to support, It means the world and it drives me to put in more work with the videos! -More Vlogs Coming Soon!🔥 -SUBSCRIBE GET ME […]

Back to Home Workouts in Telugu | Back and Biceps Workout | VLOG – 22

in this vlog we're trained at home due to covid-19 Back to Home Workouts in Telugu andBack and Biceps Workout | VLOG – 22 . If you're New to the channel please subscribe and click the bell icon 🤝 #koushiklee #homeworkout #vlog . Products that i'm using Details:- weight lifting straps ; https://amzn.to/3xYVerJ weight lifting […]

SHREDDED BACK & BICEP WORKOUT | forms tips & cues!

| Full Workout | Warm Up: 5-8 min Jump Rope Warm Up Sets: Assisted Pull Ups 3×12-15 Narrow Grip Row 3×12 Wide Grip Row 2×12 Chin Ups 3xAMRAP Rear Delt Pull Variation 3×10 ea. Cable Curls 3×20, 15, 12 . HII GUYS!! I hope you enjoy this short and sweet video. Its finally a workout […]


4:15 – Deadlifts/Bent Over Rows (Close) 13:12 – Bent Over Rows (Wide)/Jumping Jacks 20:41 – Db Curls/DB Front Raises 29:13 – Good Mornings/High Knees 38:34 – Db Curls (Round 2)/Db Lateral Raise Check out my website at ** Klassenex.com ** _ Klassen Exercise Facebook Page – Like for all my video and content updates. _ […]


This 20 min back and bicep workout is such a great at home workout with dumbbells. In this back and bicep dumbbell workout you'll also want to have a chair, barstool, etc near by to lean against and ensure proper form for the first few back and bicep exercises. In this back and bicep dumbbell […]

BACK AND BICEP workout with Amir Rad – FULL WORKOUT

In today’s video, we’re sharing Amir’s favorite body part to train every week, a full back and bicep workout video, with sets, reps, and rest periods. Enjoy! 💪🏽 Workout details: Pull-ups 4×12 – drop set Chest supported Row 4×12 – drop set Narrow Grip Lat Pulldown 4×12 drop set Back Flies 4×12 Seated Cable Rows […]

Haircut At Home + Back & Bicep Workout || (हिंदी)

In this video my mom cut my hair at home and the result was surprising, I’ve also put in a workout I did later that day. I hope you enjoy the video 🙂 My name is Prathamesh Singh I am an ISSA certified personal trainer & a NASM certified performance enhancement specialist. I’m here to […]