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Intense Chest, Back, and Biceps Workout For Growth | Using The Arm Blaster

This is an example of what my typical chest and back day looks like. I walk you through the workout as we hit chest first, then back, and finish with biceps using the arm blaster. Try this workout and it'll lead you to BUILD MUSCLE. As always, I keep the intensity high and push myself […]

5 Exercises For The Lower Chest – WORKOUT MOTIVATION

The Ultimate Home Workout Plan 5 Exercises For The Lower Chest – WORKOUT MOTIVATION Exercise 1: Decline Dumbbell Bench Press Exercise 2: Decline Dumbbell Hammer Grip Press Exercise 3: High Cable Cross over Lower Chest Exercise 4: Chest Dip Exercise 5: Svend Press #Chest #LowerChest #ChestWorkout

Pull Day | Back & Bicep Workout w. Julian Marschall

Back and bicep workout with my friend Julian Marschall in FitnessX. A short but great pull day for a strong / wide back and big biceps. I hope you guys enjoyed my first vlog workout type of video. Don't take us too serious, but if you got questions regarding any of the exercises in this […]


Hi there! I created this home back workout to target all of major back muscles. These 5 exercises require either just your bodyweight or a single weight bar. Let's move with focus and fire up our back muscles. ⬇️🏋️Weight bar 🏋️⬇️ https://amzn.to/34rbfd9 ⬇️🍑Booty bands🍑⬇️ https://mcys.co/32oZUt8 https://amzn.to/2FDddx5 https://amzn.to/2ZByiPE ⬇️😊Mat I use😊⬇️ Thick&soft mat: https://amzn.to/3mwNCHb Eco mat: […]

Best Exercise To Build Lower Lats (V TAPER) | LOWER LATS Workout

Best Exercise To Build Lower Lats (V TAPER) | LOWER LATS Workout lower lats, 3 exercises to build your lower lats, how to build thicker lower lats, how to build the lower lats, how to build your lower lats ,back workout to build your lower lats, build your lower lat muscles now, how to build […]

Basic But Most Result Oriented Back workout

Hi guys. How are you? I hope you guys are doing amazing. On your demand made this video. I want you guys to prepare it and have it and let me you like it or not in the comment section. Love you all. Have a bright future everyone. SUBSCRIBE MY VLOG CHANNEL- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMP2yaHgMYbVGou4CzU4oxg Do follow […]

Back Workout for Width With the Ratanshis

Workout Details: Rack-pulls – 4 x 10-12 Wide-grip Lat pull down – 4 x 10-12 Seated cable rows – 4 x 10-12 High machine row – 4 x 12-15 Bent over cable row – 4 x 10-12 Straight arm Pull down – 4 x 12-15 Dumbell 21's x 3 Hammer curls – 4 x 10-12 […]

My Back workout | Back Lat Pulldown | Six month body transformation | heavy weight training | Gym

hey guys this is my back workout shot when I was madly addicted in body building…🔥 Subscribe my channel and stay tuned… we'll create some food moments together…🔥 Created by InShot:https://inshotapp.com/share/youtube.html

BACK AND BICEP workout with Amir Rad – FULL WORKOUT

In today’s video, we’re sharing Amir’s favorite body part to train every week, a full back and bicep workout video, with sets, reps, and rest periods. Enjoy! 💪🏽 Workout details: Pull-ups 4×12 – drop set Chest supported Row 4×12 – drop set Narrow Grip Lat Pulldown 4×12 drop set Back Flies 4×12 Seated Cable Rows […]