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The PERFECT Bench Press (5 Steps)

Here's how to bench press with proper bench form. Try out this bench press form for a safer, stronger bench press! #shortsfeed #shortsyoutube #shortsvideo #shorts

How to Bench Press for the PERFECT Chest (5 Steps)

With proper bench press form, the bench is the GOAT of upper body exercises. Learn how to bench press properly and you’ll see massive gains in your chest, shoulders, and arms. But get your bench press technique wrong, and even if it doesn’t happen right away, you risk seriously injuring your shoulders and elbows to […]

$12,000 Machine Reveals Best Chest Exercises

Here's Betty: a $12,000 EMG machine who is going to help us determine what the best chest exercises for growth (from upper chest to middle chest to lower chest exercises) ACTUALLY are. EMG stands for electromyography, and it’s a way of measuring the electrical activity produced by muscles when they contract. To make sure I […]

How To Bench Press Based On Your Anatomy (More Gains, Less Injury)

For many of us, the bench press tends to be a movement that frequently causes discomfort in the shoulders, elbows, and wrists. Or is a movement that we have trouble feeling activate our chest. Most of these problems are due to our individual anatomy, as the way that our bones are structured and muscles are […]


Workout Name : Exercise 1 – PUSH-UP Exercise 2 – Chest Dips Exercise 3 – Barbell Bench Press Exercise 4 – Machine chest Press Exercise 5 – Machine Fly Exercise 6 – Cable Cross Over Exercise 7 – Standing Cable Fly ————————————————————— Athlete Name : Seikh Jamal Achievement : – Mr Bangladesh 2019 – Mr […]