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5 Big Mistakes ALL Noobs Make in the Gym!

If you want to avoid being called a "noob" in the gym then you need to figure out how to not make these 5 big mistakes. It starts with first distinguishing between a noob and a beginner however. People often think that all noobs are beginners and that is just not the case. Someone who […]

Cardio / leg Workout For beginners | Zumba Dance #cardio

Cardio / leg Workout For beginners | Zumba Dance #cardio Query:-Follow My Instagram account http://WWW.INSTAGRAM.COM/rinku_zumba 10 Minute Weight Loss Workout (No Jumping Modifications) 1 HerHT 3iR Exercise To Lose Weight FAST || Zumba Class The Fitness Marshal POPSUGAR Fitness CARDIO DANCE WITH CLAU & PATY Fks Fun Zone ISSEI / いっせい Blatant Reviews 10 best […]

15 Minute Cardio and Abs HIIT Workout [Hydrow]

Let's burn some calories, melt some fat, and get you closer to the shredded 6 pack you've been wanting! This video will take you through a 15 minute HIIT cardio workout as well as share with you some exciting information from Hydrow! Thank you Hydro for sponsoring this video! I've had my hydro rower machine […]


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Get ready for one of the best High Intensity Workouts of your LIFE! Let's do this! A full high calorie burning workout that you can do whenever and wherever you like!! You don't need any equipment or weight. This video is full length which means you can just follow along with whatever I'm doing. If […]

15 MIN THIGH WORKOUT | Slim Toned Legs | Inner & Outer Thigh Workout | No Equipment

Target your inner and outer thighs with this 15 minute, no repeat, no equipment thigh workout. This workout is very low impact and will leave a good burn in your thighs, as well as your booty🔥 Get those strong, slim, toned legs without leaving home – you can complete this workout anywhere, anytime. We are […]

In Just 3 Words…

There is a very important fitness question that I want to ask you. If you could meet yourself walking into the gym for the very first time and you are allowed to say three words, what are you saying? In this video, we are going to discuss the 6 bits of wisdom that I would […]

30 MIN FLAT ABS + TONED ARMS: Ab, Bicep and Tricep Workout for Beginners (No Equipment, No Repeats)

Today's daily home workout is a brand new 30 minute no repeat ab, bicep and tricep workout at home (no equipment, for beginners). This is the perfect workout for flat abs and toned arms! This workout is low impact, uses no equipment and best of all it has no repeated movements! This is a workout […]

TOTAL THIGH AND BUTT WORKOUT: Laying Down & kneeling Moves Only-No Equipment, No Repeats, Low Impact

Today's daily home workout is a brand new 30 minute thigh and butt workout (laying down and kneeling moves only.) This all mat workout is based around Pilates moves and is a no repeat, knee friendly, low impact workout at home using no equipment, and made for beginners. This is part of my best booty […]