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BIG QUADS: 5 Mistakes Keeping Your Legs Skinny

“How to get bigger legs?” is a common question I get. See, most people fail to understand that developing an impressive set of legs isn’t just about working hard. There are 5 mistakes people make during their quads workout that severely limit their leg growth. Today I’ll explain what those quad workout mistakes are, go […]

shoulder workout | #shorts #fitness #bigshoulders

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Wall Sit – Fitness Motivation #shorta #EfitnessLife #legs #legsworkout #p4pworkout

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Dumbbell Leg Workout(Including Proper Posture, Reps & Sets) | Leg Day | Diksha Bhatt

Dumbbell leg workout | complete leg workout Exercises : 0:00 – Introduction 0:22 – Goblet squat (12 reps 3 set) for quadriceps 1:11 – Reverse lunges (10 reps each leg 3 set) for hamstrings and glutes 1:52 – Good morning (15 reps 3 set) for hamstrings and glutes) 2:32 – Glute bridges (15 reps 3 […]

Best leg workout in 10 minutes!

Leg workouts to add into your workout routine! Leg blaster workout https://youtu.be/2rP2ZCkZagM Hip and thigh toning workout (follow along!) https://youtu.be/_gMJ_wcLhF4 Best leg workout in 10 minutes offers a variety of exercises with special guest, Connor Christian! The workout has 15 reps with a few supersets mixed in. Here is the workout: Stationary lunge to lunge […]

Leg Workout Tips for Bigger Legs (HARDGAINERS!)

If you have been looking for a leg workout to build bigger legs, then you need to watch these 5 tips that can apply to any workout for legs. It isn’t always about the split that you are doing that determines how big your quads and hamstrings are going to become. Instead, it’s the way […]

Short Leg Blasting Workout | How To Build Muscle on Legs | Bodybuilding Legs

MALI Fit family, in this video I show you my short leg blasting workout. I use this workout at least once a week to build the legs up and blast them for power! If you're into bodybuilding, this routine is a must as it hits all angles of the legs! Drop a comment in the […]