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How to widen LEGS | workout If you want to make THIGH faster then look. Top Thigh Workout Plan

In this video we will talk about how you can widen your legs at home. You Can Follow Me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nikhil_fitness_channel/ As leg muscles are the largest and strongest muscles in body if they are being worked at higher intensities as lower intensities will not work effectively on them as they are already carrying […]

Dumbbell Leg Workout(Including Proper Posture, Reps & Sets) | Leg Day | Diksha Bhatt

Dumbbell leg workout | complete leg workout Exercises : 0:00 – Introduction 0:22 – Goblet squat (12 reps 3 set) for quadriceps 1:11 – Reverse lunges (10 reps each leg 3 set) for hamstrings and glutes 1:52 – Good morning (15 reps 3 set) for hamstrings and glutes) 2:32 – Glute bridges (15 reps 3 […]

Toned Legs workout || Leg workout at home || No equipment leg workout

Here is the legs workout which you can do at home without any equipment..the reps and the sets have been mentioned along each exercise. Do it once a week . Enjoy the workout videos and stay healthy…Try this toned legs workout without equipment…no equipment legs workout, legs workout at home, thigh fat exercises, bodyweight legs […]