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ලොකු Biceps හදන හරිම විදිය ගැන ලුශන් පුශ්පරාජ් කියලා දෙයි! (Bicep workout with Lucion)

කොහොමද හරියටම Bicep Workout එකක් කරන්නෙ? කොහොමද හරි ව්යායාම තොරාගන්නෙ? කොහොමද හරි SETS සහ REPS දැන ගන්නෙ ප්‍රමානය (Like the video and subscribe) – මෙහ් දේවල් අපිට කියා දෙන්න ඉන්න හොදම කෙනා තමයි ලුශන් පුශපරාජ් නොහොත් ආසියාවෙ කලු සින්හයා. වසර ගනනාවක පලපුරුදු සහා සහතිකලත් පුහුනුකරුවෙකු වන ඔහු අපිත් එක්ක ඔහුගෙ දැනුම බෙදාගන්න එකතු ව් සිටිනවා […]

Intense Chest, Back, and Biceps Workout For Growth | Using The Arm Blaster

This is an example of what my typical chest and back day looks like. I walk you through the workout as we hit chest first, then back, and finish with biceps using the arm blaster. Try this workout and it'll lead you to BUILD MUSCLE. As always, I keep the intensity high and push myself […]

OVER 50 KILLER BICEP WORKOUT (great if your 20 too!)| RESISTANCE BANDS | Guaranteed Super Pump!

Can you build your Biceps after 50? 100% Heck Yes!!! Build them with resistance which will push your muscles to the limit without killing your joints – Resistance Bands! Pair bands with a killer routine and what do you get? Results! Day 27 – Todays workout once again Tabata. So 20 seconds of reps followed […]

Full HOME Tricep and Bicep workout

Pankaj Vine ! Pankaj fitness Hi Im Pankaj welcome to Our YouTube fitness channel Pankaj vine. #Traning #Fitness #bodybuilding #workout #Weightloss # About This Video Dosto Is Video Me Maine Aapko Good Fitness Ke Liye Ek Best Body Banane ke Bare Me Kuch Achchi Tips Dene Ki Poori Koshish Ki Hai Umeed Hai Aapko Ye […]

HOW I BUILT GIANT BICEPS WORKOUT – SECRET: Negative and Positive Reps | Resistance Bands Only!

This workout like all of the rest was BRUTAL!! Day 28 – We've done Positives and negatives before and sometimes in the same reps. This time we will alternate 30-seconds of Positives with one exercise, rest, and then 30-seconds of Negatives with another exercise. You can use any Resistance Bands, however for every one of […]

Biceps Workout (Ultimate Bodyweight Finisher!)

Get $80 off across 4 boxes of Green Chef plus free shipping on your first box, go to https://www.GreenChef.us/frankmedrano80 and enter code frankmedrano80 21’s REP Bodyweight curl challenge is a killer way to end your arm workout! Or when you want to chase that pump and show off them guns 💪 ⠀ 7 Partial Reps […]


Here we go again!! Another Killer Biceps Workout At Home with Resistance Bands. Let's keep the growth coming! Day 14 – Todays Biceps session is a play on another strategy that we have done. Instead of Pulse Negative, we will be doing pulse Positive. It is SUPER SUPER tough but it will SUPER worth it! […]

BACK AND BICEP workout with Amir Rad – FULL WORKOUT

In today’s video, we’re sharing Amir’s favorite body part to train every week, a full back and bicep workout video, with sets, reps, and rest periods. Enjoy! 💪🏽 Workout details: Pull-ups 4×12 – drop set Chest supported Row 4×12 – drop set Narrow Grip Lat Pulldown 4×12 drop set Back Flies 4×12 Seated Cable Rows […]

How To Grow Biceps Muscle | bicep workout | bicep exercise | bicep kaise banaye.

#omedesibodytrainer #bicepworkout #bicepexercise How To Grow Biceps Muscle | bicep workout | bicep exercise | bicep kaise banaye. Hello friends, my name is ome and you are watching my own youtube channel 'ome desi body trainer' About this video :- Namaskar doston, Ajj ki is video me maine aapko how to grow biceps muscle bataya […]

Can’t Get Big Arms? Just Do THIS!!

If you can’t get big arms no matter what arm workout you try then this is the video for you. Here, I’m going to show you 5 reasons why you’re arms won’t grow and what you need to start doing the very next time you train them. If you follow these 5 arm workout tips […]