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🍑 Inner/Outer Thighs + Booty Workout (No Repeats / No Equipment)

Today's workout is all about the thighs and booty! We are going to target the inner and outer thighs and those glutes with a series of body-weight exercises. That's right, no equipment needed but you are sure to feel the burn as you focus on each controlled movement. This No repeats lower body workout means […]

Body weight leg workout routine

I love this simple body weight routine for legs . Do these exercises in a sequence and try to minimise the break between each exercise to a maximum 30 seconds Repeat the whole circuit 3 times, with a one minute break between each circuit Also if you u love the Studd Muffyn shorts , they’re […]

Quarantine Training for SIZE! Body Weight Muscle Building Truth Bombs! Bulking With Home Workouts!

You can get BIG Bodyweight Training! While everybody is at home during these times, Bodyweight training is more than capable of causing massive muscle growth because of your ability to create massive pump style workouts and flood your muscles with higher INTENSITY style training! This video will explain how so you can continue to build […]


You don’t need a gym or any equipment to build muscle! With this Complete Calisthenics Beginners Full Body Home Workout Routine, now you can get to bulking up and building muscle at home! No equipment needed! Full in-depth training tutorial for chest, back, shoulders, triceps, biceps, arms, abs, and legs home exercises + no gym […]

How Many Reps to Build Muscle (BODYWEIGHT EXERCISES!)

What’s up guys? Jeff Cavalier of athleanx.com. What is the perfect number for body weight exercise for you to do to get the best results from it? It’s a good question here guys is a tricky question. Actually I’m setting you up because that answer should be, it depends and it’s going to depend on […]