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OVER 50 KILLER BICEP WORKOUT (great if your 20 too!)| RESISTANCE BANDS | Guaranteed Super Pump!

Can you build your Biceps after 50? 100% Heck Yes!!! Build them with resistance which will push your muscles to the limit without killing your joints – Resistance Bands! Pair bands with a killer routine and what do you get? Results! Day 27 – Todays workout once again Tabata. So 20 seconds of reps followed […]

HOW I BUILT GIANT BICEPS WORKOUT – SECRET: Negative and Positive Reps | Resistance Bands Only!

This workout like all of the rest was BRUTAL!! Day 28 – We've done Positives and negatives before and sometimes in the same reps. This time we will alternate 30-seconds of Positives with one exercise, rest, and then 30-seconds of Negatives with another exercise. You can use any Resistance Bands, however for every one of […]


Here we go again!! Another Killer Biceps Workout At Home with Resistance Bands. Let's keep the growth coming! Day 14 – Todays Biceps session is a play on another strategy that we have done. Instead of Pulse Negative, we will be doing pulse Positive. It is SUPER SUPER tough but it will SUPER worth it! […]