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Leg, Booty and Thigh Workout In Under 10 Minutes #shorts #lowerbodyworkout

Leg, booty and thigh workout. The 3 best bodyweight exercises for a lower body workout you can do in under 10 minutes that you can do anytime, anywhere. Today, we're focusing on building a strong, stable lower body. These exercises will help you get a workout in even when you can't make it to the […]

No Equipment Thigh Leg Bodyweight workout🥰 Morning Exercises at Home

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A short workout with simple bodyweight exercises that can be done even without any equipment. I used a 5kgs dumbbell here but feel free to ditch it and use your body weight alone. These exercises are perfect for toning your thighs to get rid of any fat/cellulite, build a firm booty and strengthening your leg […]