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INCREASE YOUR PULL UPS with this simple 5 minute pull up video. It's a follow along video, therefore I will be doing the exercises along with you! ENJOY! ————————————- WWW.GYMOCLOCKFITNESS.COM

The PERFECT 10 Minute HIIT Cardio Workout To Lose Fat (Gym or Home)

Unfortunately, HIIT has been abused by the fitness industry and used totally out of context. Most HIIT workouts you’ll find on the internet and probably experimented with are not true HIIT and won’t deliver the unique benefits that HIIT has to offer. In today’s video though, I’ll show you how to design a true HIIT […]

5 Exercises For The Lower Chest – WORKOUT MOTIVATION

The Ultimate Home Workout Plan 5 Exercises For The Lower Chest – WORKOUT MOTIVATION Exercise 1: Decline Dumbbell Bench Press Exercise 2: Decline Dumbbell Hammer Grip Press Exercise 3: High Cable Cross over Lower Chest Exercise 4: Chest Dip Exercise 5: Svend Press #Chest #LowerChest #ChestWorkout

How Much Cardio Should You Do To Lose Belly Fat? (4 Step Plan)

Wondering how much cardio is needed to burn belly fat? Well, you’re in the right place. We’re going to talk all about cardio, and more specifically how you can use it to get rid of belly fat. The truth is, most people seeking burn belly fat approach their cardio routines the wrong way and fail […]

How Much Cardio Do You Need To Lose Belly Fat? (4 STEP PLAN)

Just how much cardio is the “right amount” to get rid of belly fat? Well, it depends, and this is where it gets tricky. But by the end of this video, you’ll know exactly how much cardio is needed to burn belly fat and why so many people end up screwing belly fat loss up. […]

How Many Steps Should You Take Per Day To Lose Fat? (HIT THIS NUMBER!)

Can you lose weight by walking? Yes–walking is hands down one of the most effective yet underrated forms of activity that you can do to burn off fat. And the beauty about walking is that it can be done anywhere. Also, drastically increasing your step count can easily be done even in the comfort of […]