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BULKING EP: 08 ——————————————— WWW.GYMOCLOCKFITNESS.COM I've been back at it with the GAINS! Slowly getting size and strength back. Most importantly, I'm feeling really good and healthy! Will be discussing my diet with you all as well as my workout regimen soon. Some things i've noticed during this bulking transformation: Bigger chest, bigger shoulders, bigger […]

Intense Chest, Back, and Biceps Workout For Growth | Using The Arm Blaster

This is an example of what my typical chest and back day looks like. I walk you through the workout as we hit chest first, then back, and finish with biceps using the arm blaster. Try this workout and it'll lead you to BUILD MUSCLE. As always, I keep the intensity high and push myself […]

Chest workout for mass | Gynecomastia surgery Update with before and after pics

In this video, I take you guys through a typical workout for me. The current goal is to keep myself as mobile and pain free as possible so that I can successfully work towards building MASS ! As most of you know I recently had Gynecomastia surgery. So I am not yet at 100% with […]

5 Exercises For The Lower Chest – WORKOUT MOTIVATION

The Ultimate Home Workout Plan 5 Exercises For The Lower Chest – WORKOUT MOTIVATION Exercise 1: Decline Dumbbell Bench Press Exercise 2: Decline Dumbbell Hammer Grip Press Exercise 3: High Cable Cross over Lower Chest Exercise 4: Chest Dip Exercise 5: Svend Press #Chest #LowerChest #ChestWorkout

Chest Workout For Muscle & Strength Gains!!!

STRENGTH TEAM CLOTHING STORE www.strengthteamclothing.com Here is a great Chest Workout For You To Try. This workout is great for adding more Size, Strength & Shape. This workout can be done by everyone and done 1-2 times a week and should only take you about 60-90 minutes to complete. Here is the full workout. TUESDAYS […]

Dubai Vlog : INSANE 500 Rep Chest Workout & Cheesecake Factory

So Today, I visited both UAE Olympia Gym Shj & Binous 1 Gym. Hitting two workouts in one day & Got myself into Cheesecake Factory for the BEST OREO Dream Extreme! Workout 1: – Chest Flys – Seated Bench Press – Narrow Grip Chest Press – Incline Seated Press – Narrow Grip Dumbbell Tricep Press […]


🔴GET YOUR HORMONE PANEL- USE CODE: TOTALALPHA AND SAVE 20% https://trylgc.com/totalalpha **LetsGetChecked has sponsored the video 🔴BODYBUILDING CLOTHING FOR REAL BODYBUILDERS https://www.totalalphabrand.com/ 🔴Coaching and training programs https://www.damienpatrick.com INSANE 30 MIN -CHEST WORKOUT AT HOME- DUMBBELLS ONLY -SUPERSET- FLAT DUMMBELL CHEST PRESS 3X5-5-5 2X4-4-4 DUMBBELL PEC RAISE 5X12 60-75 SECS REST -SUPERSET- INCLINE DUMMBELL CHEST PRESS […]

Chest Workout|for beginners|Workout motivation|transform with me .

Hey guys a new series is going to be uploaded for you . As i am a Beginner and and want we all should transform together a new workout series were we are sharing beginners workout plan with budget full day of eating which currently I am taking and all necessary information will pe shared. […]