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How to Do Static Chest Flies – The Ultimate Guide #chest #workout #fitness

I am doing static chest flys. #chest #workout #fitness

The 💯 Chest Workout (MOST EFFECTIVE!)

The hundred chest workout requires all out effort, but the results are nothing short of amazing if you follow the chest exercises and protocols shown here. As always a solid chest workout should consist of exercises for your upper chest, middle chest and lower chest. That said, even that doesn’t make this workout for chest […]

chest workout!!!!!!

Dear friends welcome to you at my YouTube Channel. And myself is Dilip Kumar Patodiyta. Recently I have joined a gym which is near by me. Because of my heavy weight which has been increased to 95 kg. But after help of gym and good nutrition I loose 10 kg weight. Here I will tell […]

STOP Doing Chest Flyes Like This (5 Mistakes Slowing Your Chest Gains)

Chest flys are one of the most effective exercises for building your chest. But if you don’t do them correctly, they’ll end up working other muscles like your shoulders instead of your chest. There’s 5 common form mistakes almost everyone makes on the chest flyes exercise. They’re easy to fix but will make a massive […]

Upper chest workout in Malayalam #shorts

#Upperchest #Chestworkout #Chestexercise #shorts Upper chest workout in Malayalam The pec major stretches across the entire chest from the sternum (breastbone), clavicle (collarbone), ribs, and finally connecting to the humerus (upper arm). The clavicular and sternocostal head of the pec major work in unison in many movements Follow Me On Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/natural_squad_official/ Facebook : […]

Exercises to lose belly fat, gym workout, gym motivation, abs biceps workout, #gym #shorts

Exercises to lose belly fat, gym workout, gym motivation, abs biceps workout, #gym #shorts

Bodyweight Chest Workout For Men Over 50 (BIG CHEST AT HOME!)

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I Did HIS Chest Workout (AT HIS GYM!)

If you want to build a bigger chest then you'll want to use a chest workout that checks all the boxes and delivers the pec gains that you're pursuing. In this video, Jesse from ATHLEAN-X takes me through his chest workout at his gym. For years, these two have been building Jesse up from within […]


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