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How to Get WIDER Shoulders (2 Exercises)

Want wider shoulders? Here's 2 great shoulder exercises that you should add to your shoulder workout. These will focus on growing the side delts. Both are lateral raises, but different kinds. #shorts #shortsfeed #shortsyoutube #shortsvideo

YES – There are BAD Exercises (HERE’S THE WORST!)

If you have ever been told that there are no bad exercises, you’ve been lied to. There are most definitely bad exercises, and the one shown in this video is the worst of the worst. We’re talking about the upright row. It really doesn’t matter if this is being performed with dumbbells or a barbell, […]

Why Your Delts Aren’t Growing (ONE FIX!)

When it comes to shoulder workouts and shoulder exercises, the lateral raise has been shown time and time again to generally be the most effective side delts exercise to develop this area and give you wide delts. And in fact, most of you watching likely already do some form of a lateral raise in your […]