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How I Went From Lean To Shredded In 6 Weeks (Mini Cuts Explained)

In this video, I cover my transformation from lean to shredded – in just 6 weeks. This was possible with something called a “mini cut”. Here, I’ll explain the science behind what is a mini cut, why it’s so effective to help you lose fat faster (yet difficult for people to stick to), how I […]

Client Gym Transformation Week 3 – Back Workout

Gym Transformation Week 3 with Jake. This week Jake goes through the back workout. Jakes progress in his gym transformation is quite insane and Its only half way through the journey. Join along for the rest of his transformation. Please remember to comment & let us know what we can improve on. Back Workout: Incline […]

How To Build Muscle – Back & Biceps V2

How To Build Muscle – Back & Biceps V2 The Full Workout BACK 1. Single Arm Plate Loaded Row – Sets 4 – Reps 15,12,10, 8 – Set Type – Progressive 2. Chest Supported T Bar Row – Sets 2 – Reps 8,12+ Set Type Max Effort 3. Lat Pull Down (Overhand Grip) – Sets […]