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Try this intense full body MINI BAND SHOULDER HIIT workout and let me know how it goes in the comments. Its 7 workouts of 25 seconds on, 25 seconds rest circuit. This workout is Challenging yet effective in helping you burn calories in a very short amount of time. Focus on using proper form each […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger Chest Workout – Olympia Series – EP. 1

Yes guys, so we’re back with a brand new series.. we’re calling this the Olympia series. In this series we will cover different Olympia athletes workouts (hence the name) to see what they did to become the absolute monsters they are remembered for. Today we start off with one of the biggest names in the […]

Inner thigh workout

This workout effects inner thighs, glutes and legs. It can be done anywhere with zero equipments! Hello to all the gorgeous people out their. I am a professional power lifter and a fitness trainer! You can also follow me on Instagram bedi_forever16

Best Back Exercises| Back Workout| Hour Glass Figure

HELLO HUMANS! This video has all MY FAVORITE back exercises! My recommended sets and reps are in the video for each exercise. Hope you enjoy! Follow me on my insta: https://www.instagram.com/anaizzzguerra/