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super lat workouts /ultimate fitness channel in tamil🙏🙏🙏

Tragets. :back *Equipment Needed: Cable pulley machine *Level: Beginner The pulldown exercise works the back muscles, especially the latissimus dorsi or the "lats."1 It is performed at a workstation with adjustable resistance, usually plates. While sitting with your upper thighs restrained under a thigh pad, you pull a hanging bar down toward you, to reach […]

The Secrets of Muscle Building | PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD – The definite way to BUILD MUSCLE

Contreras article here: https://bretcontreras.com/progressive-overload/ What Is Progressive Overload? Progressive Overload: It’s creating a challenge or a stress to the muscle, creating a challenging or a stressfull stimulus in order to force the muscle to adapt to said stimulus Now one thing that for sure, isn’t true, most people when they hear progressive overload they think […]